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Title: R. Campbell, U.S.A. to W. J. C. Allen, Belfast.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCampbell, Robert/16(2)
SenderCampbell, Robert
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAugusta, Georgia, USA
DestinationBelfast, N.Ireland
RecipientCampbell Allen, William J.
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipfriends, business
SourceD 1558/1/1/98: Papers of William John Campbell Allen Deposited by F. D. Campbell Allen.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9708176
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TranscriptWm. [William?] Jno. [John?] C. Allen Esq.
8 Wellington Place Belfast Augusta 17th May 1853

My dear Sir
On the [16?]th inst. I
was favoured with yrs [yours?] of the 14th ulto [ultimo?].
After referring to my books I think the correct amount
of the Invo [Invoice?] on the 73 Bales Cotton (--) is
$3.338.87 the items being as follows
[-i--d?] & Davisons bill $3235.50 Commission 3650
Dragage to Wharf 608 $3272.08
less abatement in Commissions 25/73 18.25
Pd [Paid?] expenses of saving from Flood 10.92
Dragage to Hancock 608 Wharfage Shipping
on Do [Ditto?] 365 Insurance 8.75 18.48
Freight to Sava [Savannah?] 36.50 Wharfage Land S Sava
[Savannah?] 365 40.15
G. B. Cumming for Wharfage Ship 365 Dragage
5.84 9.49
This lot of Cotton seems to have been destined to give
trouble. To reconcile you in some degree to your part of
it. I will enter into some detail of that whh [which?]
was expd [expended?] here.
At the time of its purchase, boats were overrun with
freight to Sava [Savannah?]. The wharves were covered with
Cotton for shipment. To save storage I had it sent down
without orders from the Boat Co.s. that it might have a
chance of going early. I had insurance effected. Rain
came on & continued so heavy that evening & night that I
was sure the River would get over the wharves I went down
to see the River a little after 3 o'clock A.M. Finding it
rising fast I went back & called up my two nephews who were
with [-a?] Dr. Black and J. C. Carroll. one of them went to
call up Mr. Jno Davison & the other to get drags wherever
they could be found. On Mr D's coming down he saw the
danger & sent his Brother off for their Draymen, who were
sleeping at different parts of the town. By our united
exertions & directions (raining all the time) we were
enabled before the water touched more than a very few
bales to get it all back in the Ware House in before the
gate. Only a small lot of all that was on the Wharves
was so safely got away. Besides the expenses for this
entered in the Invoice, I employed a Horse & Cart & two
men of my own in this process. I was very much relieved
when with all this assistance I was able to put it in a place
of safety. because I knew that the Insurance would not
attach until it was shipped. The Insurance was transferred
from the S. B. Co. to the Hancock - Hence I think you will
allow that this Cotton was destined to give trouble. & that
you have not had more than your share tho' more than I could
wish. I thought then that I would purchase no more in
Augusta for remittance, but you see I have departed from
that - I hope that the 100 Bales Cotton since p [per?]
Millicent, will do as well. Please let me know the result.
Your letter of the 14th ulto [ultimo?] was the first
intimation I had of the existence of an "American &
British Timber & Cotton Land Co. in Georgia" In inquiring
about it I heard of a Brunswick Land Co. whose stock
which had been selling in N. York [New York?] at
20 c [circa?] 22 for 100 had fallen to 12 c [circa?] 15
for 100. I think your friends had better keep their
hands off. There is no doubt that the pine timber of
that country is the finest in the U.S. for House Flooring
& ship building - nothing in this part of the State to
compare with it - It's also true that Brunswick has the
best Harbour south of the Chesapeake - But the Map &
representation are neither fair nor true. The
[Finholloway?] swamp, which the land [un-----?] & which
is not represented on the Map, is next to the Okefenoke,
the largest in the State. You may judge of the probable
value of land in that part of the State by the following
facts. In the Land Lottery my Bro [Brother?] in Law
W Smith drew a tract of 160 acres in Baker County - in
closing his Estate it was offered at the Court House there
on the monthly sale day. after advertisement & would not
bring 15$. I had it brought in at that price for his son.
That country will not be healthful for persons from so
high a Latitude as Ireland to settle there. I am not
acquainted with any of the parties whose names are
mentioned in the prospectus. Our good friend Mr. Bones
with Mrs B and Miss Longstreet leaves on Friday for Ireland
& may get some information on the way which I will
request him to give you in Light. I have committed to his
care an edition 6 vols [volumes?] of Websters, arguments
speeches, discourses &c which I request you will secure as
a slight token of my regard.
I consider him the most creditable modern statesman of
this country, with whom I an greatly surprised to find
people compare Mr Calhoun who could see nothing but South
Carolina and her Institutions.
Mrs Campbell and Miss Black, who is now down here with
us, join me in Congratulations in the improved health of
Mrs Allen and your Daughters doing so well. They both send
much affectionate regards to her.
The Bank of Augusta declared a Dividend yesterday of Four
4$ Dollars p [per?] share. Today I received & sent to
G. B. Cumming for remittance as follows
W. J. C. Allen in 120 (105 15) [---?] $4.80
Jas Campbell in 88 " $3.40
Dr [Tr--ter?] in 78 " $312
W. Campbell in 42 " $168
Thirteen Hundred Dollars $1.300

W. J. C. Allen Divd [Dividend?] @ 24 of GRR & B Co
22 shares at $88 $568
Jas. Campbell 17 shares 68 $408
Dr [Tr--ter?] 16 shares 64 $376
W. Campbell 8 shares 32 $200
$252 $1.552
The above Rail Road Dividends were sent last month to
Mr Cumming but too late to be included in the remittance
by Exchange to you.
He will now send both together. I am told that the Bank
of Augusta after making the above Dividend, has added $10.000
to P & L accounts. I will send you by Mr Bones the Pamphlet
Statement of the Geo [Georgia?] Rail Road & B Co.
I had almost forgotten to ack [acknowledge?] the particulars
of your Country purchase and where you are located as we say.
Most truly yours
R. Campbell.