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Title: Forsythe, John Sr to Forsythe, John Jr, 1783
CollectionJohn Forsythe Letters
SenderForsythe, John Sr
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginArtikelly,Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland
DestinationEast Nantmeal, Co. Chester, Penn., USA
RecipientForsythe, John Jr
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count348
Genrefamily, business, correspondence
Jack) it gave me pleasure to have the Opertunity to write to you
After sow Long & so trubelsom a warr I am afraid you have sufferd grat-
-hardship in both Body and mind I have had no Leiter from you since you
wrote by Eliza Forsythe which have given me graft truble I thought you
woold not mist any opertunity if you ware alife which I heard by a letter
of Samuel Torbet that you ware alive about the Year 1781 which gave
me grait joy & hope to have the Grait pleasure of seeing you before I
dey your mother and I am growing very old Like and frail as for your
brothers and Sisters they are all well Bettey & Jacob are marrid. Betty
about:6:years & Jacob 5:mounths I have Alexd an Wm at Letten these
two Years and I am not Resolved what to do with them Let me have your
advice about them Jacob have setup a grocer's Shop in Newtown and
apeers to Do well he hes put me in det but I hope in ayear or two I will
be cleer of it Betty is marrid to John Cox of Cloghfin he is Nevui to John
Cox of philadelphia and when his Ungel died Left him as one of his Legatees
about £200: which he naver got as yet you may if Covennet inquire at
Paul-Cox and Intrate with him to send it over with some save hand I
hope you will be the Bearror your self You have been thes ten Long years
away from me and have had verry Littel acount of you these Seven years
com home if its is covenant for you as for other frend I refer you to other
Letters Dr Jack your mother and the Rest of the familey Joins me with
ther love and Blising to and

I am Dr. Jack your Loving father wilst
John Forsythe
Artikelly July 8th 1783

Mr John Forsythe in or
neer East nantmel
to the Care of
Elihu Evings of East nantmel
Chester Countey