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Title: Forsythe, Catherine to Forsythe, John Jr, 1799
CollectionJohn Forsythe Letters
SenderForsythe, Catherine
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginArtikelly,Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland
DestinationEast Bradford Township, Co. Chester. Penn., USA
RecipientForsythe, John Jr
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count401
Genrecorrespondence, ageing father, troublesome brother, emigration, relatives
TranscriptMy Dear Brother

You have every reason to think me Void of affection from not haveing
a letter from this long time but be assured I did not neglect writing to
you but I was so onfortunate as to have my letter miscaried but the bearer
of this is a gentleman whome I can confide in that he will be carefull in
putting it in to your own hands if speard to see you his name is Simpson
stepson to Mr Haslitt of Cloony
We had a letter from you in spring which gave my father and us all
unspeakable pleasure to hear that you and your family are yet living and
well Dear Jack I am afraid that I shall soon be fatherless and that will
be a great loss to us all but the greatest loss will be mine as they rest is provided for but I never Could think of leaving him his days appear to
be near a Close he spends a great part of his time in prayer he having
sittled family affairs appears to forget this World and prepere for a more
lasting place Brother William is thoughtless in doing anny thing for himself which is a great trouble to my father

if you think that America would answer my Constitution it is but
dellicate let me know for I request your advice as I intend going their if
speard after my fathers death I hope this Country will be restor'd to its
Usual quietness their was a number of young men of the best Charecter
transported to America from this Neighbourhood last summer and I am
sorry to hear that they natives of America treats them badly I had a
Sincer friend who was one in number of they onfortunate sent there
A Doctor Scott a man of honour and worth and a Charecter onspoted he
is releated to us inquire at James Wilson for him and make your self
acquainted with him I believe he lives in Philadelphia if so fortunate as
to find him let him know my best wishes are for his wellfare and that I
should be glad to hear from him all friends hear are well Give my love to
your wife and Children and believe me to be your Ever affectinate Sister
Catherine Foresyth
June the 18th 1799

Mr. John Foresyth
East Bradford Township
Chester County.