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Title: McCammon, Richard to Forsythe, John Jr, 1784
CollectionJohn Forsythe Letters
SenderMcCammon, Richard
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginArtikelly,Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland
DestinationBirmingham Township, Co. Chester, Penn, USA
RecipientForsythe, John Jr
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count483
Genrecorrespondence, family, religious commentary
TranscriptDear John Artikelly, 2d June, 1784

Your verry Agreeable letter, I Recd. pr. favour of Jacob Forsythe
For which Accept of my warmost thanks And I heartily Congratulate you
that you are yet in the land of the living: and Enjoys Health: and Contentment of mind—My dear friend you seem to Impeach me with Ingratude:
in not writing to you—But if youll only reflect and think what time elapsd
that I had no Account from you. not knowing whether you Existed: on
this theater, nor yet your place of Resedence, I think beyond all doubt:
you ll certainly forgive me, you mention in yours as I being instreml in
the hand of kind Providence: of the happy Experience you have Aquird.
since you Comencd Quaker. I have read one of the Books you sent over
(Viz) no Cross no Crown And can find nothing that I Dislike in it yet
Notwithstanding: My Dear Friend, I do not understand, how you Can
Reconcile your self lo that part of Quakerism: which Denies, the only too
principals of our Releigion (Viz) Baptism, And the Lords Supper I would
by no means Affirm that Baptism is Esential to Salvation yet our Saviour
permitted himself so to be But the Other: is his Exprass Command, do
this in Remembrance of me—To degress from this subject Im willing to
inform you that your Relations are all well your Brother Jacob, had in
some measure Resignd Business, And was preparing for Amarica, has
altered his mind And purchased A farm in Belly castle held by Robert
McLolland, and is now Commencing farmer Dr John there is A
great many Alterations in this town since your departure from it, Numbers
of your Aquantences is no more, And Amongst, that Number is my Mother
together with that venerable Old man you mention in your letter Archbl
Harsha—As there is a great many Enteligent Young men from this
Neighbour-hood means to give you A call in Amarica I'll Refair you to
their information with Respect to the Affairs of this Kingdom—But to
come to a Conclusion I have great Reason to believe (from my Knowledge
of you And from your own Declaration Although you have changed your
profession) that you are Marching on Zion-wards. Ye guardian Angels to
whose care Heaven has Intrusted you. Guide you still forward in the paths
of Virtue, defend you from the Insolence and wrongs of this un-discerning
World at length when you must no more Converse on Earth, lead you
hence Innocent and Unreprovable to a better place, Where by an easy
transition from what you now are you may shine forth as an Angel of
light—Do not forget your far distant Relations in your Petetions to the
Diety. And mark me Among the number of.
My dear Friend—
Yours most sincerely
Richard McCammon.
John Forsythe
Birmingham, Chester