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Title: J. Anderson, Allegheny, P.A to His Cousin in Ballinree
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAnderson, James/30
SenderAnderson, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarm tenant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAllegheny City, Penn., USA
DestinationBallinree, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
RecipientAnderson, William?
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1859/10:Presented By Dr. J.T.Anderson, Banbridge, Co.Down.
ArchivePublic Record Office N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9407021
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count698
TranscriptAllegheny City Dec 18th 1851

Dear cousin
I take up my pen to adress [address?] you and
to state you the particulars in regard to my Mother & family
Brother William resides in Allegheny he is in the coal business
and is getting along well Mother & William lives quite comfortable
together William is yet unmarried. I am married & has got two children
my eldest son 5 years old & a daughter 2 years old
Brother John is married & had 3 children the Last accounts he resides
in Champion Ohio he is getting along his business is keeping a Cheese
deary [dairy?] & Farming we have had no Letters from Ohio for some time
back I am unable to state you they late particulars in regard to your
brothers The last accounts we had they were all well and getting along
I have rented my Farm for a time of 5 years and is now prepairing
[preparing?] to go to New Orleans My family & I will reside there
during the winter god willing
Thomas Anderson & family are all well Thomas has 3 children 2 daugthers
& a son Thomas had a letter from his father which in-form us of
disagreeable news in regard to they deaths in the family we wre all sorry
to hear of aunts death also to hear of Bettys trouble in regard to the
death of her mother & Husband at almost one time as is stated in Thomas's
letter Pleas [Please?] state how many children Mrs Michall has got, I
understand that James McIntyre was dead some years since I am anctious
[anxious?] to hear how many children Mrs McIntyre has and where she now
I neglected to state that we want to know if Bettys Mother in law is
yet alive, also to know if Betty remains in Mullahinch
State if Mr's Kirrick is yet alive I am anctious [anxious?] to hear
if Mr Samuel Kirrick & Joseph resides in Ballinree and all in
regard to the family in jenneral [general?] I want to
assertain in regard to Mr Hugh Kearns & family also Samuel Smyth
Pleas [please?] give me a jennral detail in regard to your own family
and how many children you have got, also how Mr's Anderson gets her
health, god in his providence has blessed Mother & her family with good
health since we come in to this country a blessing which we are indebted
to god the giver of all good and perfect gifts
This is a healthy country but not quite so healthy as Ireland owing to
hte sudden changes of weather but when I take a jennral [general?] view
of the old acquintances in Ireland more changes & deaths has taken place
than in this country
I write this letter from Allegheny I am in Mothers House at present
Allegheny City and Pittsburgh City lies right opposite; nothing dividing
the 2 Cities but the Allegheny River The are both in Allegheny County
I have lived in the country for some years back to the present time
and is now prepairing [preparing?] for Orleans and wishes you to write
to write to me and adress [address?] your letter as directed below
Anything you wish to know in regard to America if you will mention it
in your letter I will try to explain it to you as far as my experience
and knowledge may enable me
Dear Cousin adue [adieu?] for the present, The choisest [choicest?] of
gods blessings rest upon you and family is the desire of your verry
[very?] particular friend & cousin whilst here below
James Anderson
Direct to me to Care of
Mr James Kirrick
Coal Merchant No 108 Gravier st.
New Orleans ME
My wife though personally unacquinted joins me in giving her love to you
Mother & William join me in giveing [giving?] their love to you & family
including your sisters & their family also Ballinree folks in jenneral
[general?] with all old friends & kneighbours [neighbours?]
I am anctious [anxious?] to hear how Roberts sons are and
if their father has sent for them
also giv [give?] me the directions to write to sister Hessy in consequence
of them moveing [moving?] about the time we came to America I am at a loss
for the adress [address?].