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Title: Forsythe, Anna to Forsythe, Elizabeth, 1838
CollectionJohn Forsythe Letters
SenderForsythe, Anna
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginEast Bradford, Co. Chester, Penn., USA
DestinationWesttown, Co. Chester, Penn., USA
RecipientForsythe, Elizabeth
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count422
Genrefamily news, weather, state of the pastures, apples, correspondence
TranscriptMy dear E. 8th mo 28th 1838

I thought it was some time since I had written to thee it would be
considered a neglect but was not occasioned by not thinking of thee for
you are both often in my remembrance both by day and by night as I
have often of late very restless nights on account of my own indisposition
I have been more unwell for several weeks but am mostly able to be about
the house although it is in much weakness I almost wish thy time was
up on account of G-Mother I am so unable to do for her I hope thee will
make as good use of it as thee can, Christiann is not yet got home we have
none but mary I have nothing of much consequence to tell thee only
little Martha Davies has been laying very ill these six weeks Susan and
I went to see her last first day and took her some tracts and other books
she is something better and able to read them one of her legs is much
swell'd and entirely useless. She inquired for thee and said you went to
school together I felt much for her, a little orphan girl that has neither
father nor mother to feel for her sufferings We have had no rain here so
Song that there is no grass for the cattle father has sent some to uncle
Johns and the rest to the Valley to William we have got to drying apples
we cut some nice ones last night I wish you had some the hedge pairs are
getting ripe the neighbours are getting them to preserve O I feel so anctious sometimes to know how you are getting along or whether you are sick poor little brother Lewis give all the love that a mothers heart is capable of feeling to him tell him I would have written to him too; only S says she will; give my love to those little Pusey girls. I was looking in an old piece book today that I made when a scholar at Westown and saw a piece there sighnd by their Mother Hannah Pennock I remembered her very well your time is getting so short that I dont know whether I shall get to see you or not before you come home but if I can I will so take care of thyself as well as thee can and write as often as thee can

from thy own mother