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Title: John Anderson, Pennsylvania, to Anderson Family, Ireland.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAnderson, John/5
SenderAnderson, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginPennsylvania, USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N. Ireland
RecipientAnderson brother (prob. William)
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD.1859/21: Presented by Dr. J.T. Anderson, Banbridge, Ireland.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9407016
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptGreen Township January 31th [st?] 1860

Dear Brother I received your letter to the
fourth instant bearing the date december the 8th 1859
we were glad to hear from you all and of your
wellfair [welfair?] we all enjoy pritty [pretty?] good health at
present not unto us but to his great name
be the praise I received the british messenger
which you sent me I call it the heavenly
Jesus christ is takeing [taking?] to himself his great power
and reigning my prior to god is that he
may go on conquring [conquering?] and to conquer untill [until?]
all his enimes [enemies?] becomes his faotstool [footstool?] Dr [Dear?] brother
I hope you are not one of those who is amaised [amazed?]
and in doubt about this great change probably
your change has been so graduall [gradual?] that you
cannot remember the time it took place
as there is some good christians that cannot
tell the time this great change takes place
but the [they?] are a poor christian that has not the
holy spirit witnessing with there spirit that
the [they?] are a child of god in deed if we were
tBo be guided by the carnall [carnal?] man or even
by some of our preachers we might call
this being born again a cunningly devised
fable there are some of them as ignorant
of it as nicodemues [sic] was altho [although?] we live in the
light of a clearer dispensation
Jesus christ said to nicodemes [sic] except a man
be born again he cannot see the kingdom
of heaven and what he said to nicodamus [sic]
then he is saying to us today a year a go
our preacher was preaching a sermon from
11 Corinthians 13th 5 look your bible and you
will find it he was preaching on the fruits
of the spirit and in conclusion he said that
a man that was prostrated to the groung [ground?]
like saul of tarsus he doubted his conversion
and said that a man that could not tell
when he was converted nor wheather [whether?] he was
converted or not was just as well and
better than the man that could tell
I will remark here that a man might as well
preach there was no god I wowould [would?] just belive [believe?]
the one as part as the other woudent [would'nt] you
Martha Jane yes I know you would or any person
prostrated before the congregation and had to
cry out twice O lord it is false doctrin [doctrine?] I came
home rejoycing [rejoicing?] in the Lord and continued all
night in prear [prayer?] and meditation with my god
and ever since day and night I might say
tha holy spirit has dwell with me so much so
that I had to ride or walk out for to recerate [re-create?] [sic]
my mind have done no work for one year and
unless sum [some?]person was talking with me my [----?]
was all the time engaged on heavenly and
devine [divine?] things
from what I have wrote you will no doubt
think that I received the new birth at this
time I hope I received that change in 1843
Dear Brother we have a compatent [competent?] portion of
the good things of this life and we hope we
enjoy gods blessing with them we bought 41 acres
of land last spring at 7.75 dollars a year paid 1.75 dollars
the first payment we pay 100 dollars a year
untill [until?] it is paid we own 1.50acres of land
that is more land than is in Ballinree [Ballinrees?] Robert
and David and me owns more land than is
in Ballinree [Ballinrees?] Monebanon [Moneybrannon?] and Lisnamuck
we have ten cows and three hourses [horses?] twelve
sheep we want to buy five or six cows this
spring so that we can make chees [cheese?] next summer
we had a severe frost the fourth night in June
last which cut our crops wheat and corn
we were the only ones that had wheat we got
sixty bushels and the reason why we got so much
was we had a field in wheat and it was
surrounded with woods on each side so that the
sun could not get at it in the morning
we replanted our corn and we have grain here
we call buckwheat which we sow the fourth
of July and reaps in October and we had a
bountyfull [bountiful?] crop so that we have plenty to live on
things look bad in June but it was only a blessing
in disguise and ought to teach us our depndence [dependence?]
in god James Jonson [Johnson?] lives 25 miles from us
the [they?] are all well I heard from them lately
our oldest son john is 21 years old William 18
Oliver is 16 the [they?] are tall young men and has never
laid out a cent for any kind of spiritous liqor [liquor?]
yet when a young man is 21 years old here the [they?] are there
own master John has took a farm with 1.70 acres
in it and twenty cows and is going to make cheese
mary is going with him he gets the half of all
he maks [makes?] on the farm Joseph received the letter you
sent to him I brought it from Champion to him
may a time I have visited you by night but when
I awoak [awoke?] it was but a dream I am glad to hear
that Joseph Mimock is getting along so well
a few years a go Brother David and his wife and
I took a Journey to the west we left home with
the intention to go and see Samuel Mimock and
Brother Robert we stoped [stopped?] with Robert a few days and
during that time the railrodd [railroad?] cars came in
contack [contact?] with each other and broke the cars and killed
a few of the passengers and Davids wife would
not let him go any farther [further?] there was two other
men along with us them and I thought we must
see more of the west we traveld [travelled?] on through the west
untill [until?] we came to the Mississippi river still intending
to see Samuel when we same thiere [there?] the river was so
low that steamboats could not run we then came
back 300 miles to Chicogo [Chicago?] we were then 3 or 400 miles from
Samuel I have had two letters from him but never answered
them give my respects to Mr Brown give my respects to all
my old friends and acquatance [acquaintances?] we all join in sending
our love to you all Elizabeth and famly [family?] to Hanna and family
[family?] to you and your famly [family?] no more
John Anderson
Dear Brother write to me oftener