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Title: J. Anderson, Jamestown to a Brother, Co. Derry.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAnderson, John/7
SenderAnderson, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginJamestown, Virginia, USA
DestinationCo. Derry, N. Ireland
RecipientAnderson brother (prob. William)
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1859/15: Presentd by Dr. J. T. Anderson, 16 Ashley Gardens, Banbridge, County Down, Ireland
ArchivePublic record Office Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9012087
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count1175
TranscriptGreen Township March the 15 1855

Dear Brother when you glance at those
few lines you will no doubt be amazed as there
has been so many years elapsed since I wrote to you
I acknowledge that I have been very ungratefull [ungrateful?]
and dillitary [dilatory?] about writeing [writing?]to you so I
Came to the Conclusion I would write you a few lines to let
you know of our wellfair [welfare?] we are all in good health
at present thanks Be to god for his mercies towards us hopeing
[hoping?] when these lines reaches your length the [they?]
will find you all enjoying the same Blessing I design giveing
[giving?] you a brief scetch [sketch?] of our business for
the last six or seven years we sold our farm in Champion to
Brother David at forteen [fourteen?] dollars per acre we then
sarched [searched?] round to find a farm to buy but could not
get suited so we rented a farm for four years at a hundred
dollars per year we bought twenty milch Cows of our own and
indid [indeed?] Chees [Cheese?] or Cept [?] dearry [dairy?]
as the [they?] Call it here after two years had expired we
bought a farm Containing one hundred and nine acres we
occupied both farms untill [until?] our lease was out we then
moved to our own farm and lived on it for one year then there
was a man that owned a large farm and cept [kept?] fifty cows
came to me and wanted me to rent his farm for two years at
six hundred dollars per year to weich [which?] I agreed I
then rented my own farm and moved on to his and has
had two years hard work but we had good wages for
our work no doubt you will be ancious [anxious?] to hear
how much we made
in adition [addition?] to six hundred for rent we had to pay
one hundred for hired help in harvest we had eighty acres of
grass to [too?] but so you Can understand what our expences
[expenses?] was the price of Chees [Cheese?] the first year
was seven Cents per pound the first year we sold
nine hundred dollars worth of Chees [Cheese?] two hundred and
fifty dollars worth of Butter raised twentyfour Calves
which we sold at one hundred and twenty dollars
forty dollars worth of Cream fifty dollars worth of pork when
the whole is aded [added?] up you will preceive [perceive?] we
had six hundred and fifty dollars a year for our labour we had
a verry [very?] dry time here last summer there was four months
here during that time we had little or no rain not more than
three or four hours rain during that time and scarcly [scarcely?]
any dews at night all the time of harvest we never
had to shake out any grass Just Cut it down and rake
it up ohio [Ohio?] was far wors [worse?] than Pensylvennia

[Pennsylvania?] altho [although?] it was as dry here as in Ohio
in Ohio the [they?] had to drive there [their?] Cattle some
places three or four miles to water on account of the drought
provender for man and beast is very scarce hay is fifteen
dollars a ton and some has to hall [haul?] it twenty miles
oats is fifty Cents per bushel butter sixteen Cents per pound
we expect when navigation opens [-?] provisions will be Cheaper
so as it Can be imported from other parts I am informed that
in large Cities like new york [New York?] or Philadelpia
[Philadelphia?] there is large numbers that has to
be suported [supported?] by the Charity of the Citisens
[Citizens?] we have had a severe winter here deep snow and
keen freesing [freezing?]
Brother David paid us a visit a few weeks ago the [they?]
are all well we live thirty miles apart Joseph has bought a
farm in Champion Convenient to David Containing one hundred
acres he would like to sell it and buy a smaller farm as his
health is not good aliza [Eliza?] and me enjoy good health
ever since we left irels [Ireland's?] isle altho [although?]
we begin to feel a little older our eyesight begin to get dim
we are under the necessity of wearing spectacles our Childer
all enjoy good health only Mary has been a good deal sick in
her time but has good health at present we heard of the death
of John Mearns shortly after his decese [decease?] in a
newspaper Called the presbyterian Banner which I subscribed
for the newspaper gave me all the news how he was liked as a
preacher when in good health he was alwas [always?] reddy
[ready?] and willing to do his duty as a
minister he preached at a place Called longrun [Longrun?]
twenty miles from Pitsburgh [Pittsburgh?] and a hundred and
ten miles from us if he had lived I had resolved to go and
see him aliza [Eliza?] would like you to write to us if you
know any thing about her Brother John or Nancy where the
[they?] are I would like to know if the [they?] are listing
or drafting the young men of [off?] to Russia to help to take
sebastipol [Sebastipol?] I supose [suppose?] Ireland has
becum [become?] a fine Cuntry [Country?] since it got so
depopulated there is large farms low rents and high wadges
[wages?] for labouring men so much so that we will have to
sell out and go back there to live I dont mean what I have
been writeing [writing?] last is so but I mean when you write
give me every item you can think of from a Codfish down to a
herren [herring?] altho [although?] my letter dont Contain
such news as I requist [request?] but I hope you will receive
it as it is and excuse me for not writeing [writing?] oftener
and not much of a letter when I do write
I neglected when writeing [writing?] the other pages to

mention that Joseph had been to Indianne [Indiana?] this
winter after the money of his farm that he sold Robert and his
family were all well he has bought eighty acres more land
he now owns two hundred and forty acres all together
we intend if spared health to move to our farm about
the first of april [April?] and take the world a little
easier than we have done when I bought I agreed to pay one
thousand dollars for one hundred and nine acres
which I have done and has got my deed for it
we have two fine bay horses which I bought from
David worth two hundred and fifty dollars four fours
three head of young Cattle thirteen sheep I dont
write this as a brag but to let you know our
Circumstance as it has been so long since I wrote to you
give our love to all our old acquaintance and to all
enquireing [enquiring?] friends no more at present but
remains your Brother to death John Anderson

when you write direct For John Anderson
Green Township
Jamestown Postoffice
Mecer [Mercer?] County Pennsylvenia