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Title: Cunningham, Waddell to Greg, Thomas, 1756
CollectionLetterbook of Greg & Cunningham, 1756-1757 [T. Truxes]
SenderCunningham, Waddell
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationBelfast, Northern Ireland
RecipientGreg, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipbusiness partners
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count2165
TranscriptTo Thomas Greg, Belfast10 May 1756

Dear Sir:
Herewith you have Copy of my Letter by the Dispatch, Samuel
Livingston, Master, who I hope is safe arrived with you long ere this.
I have to answer your favours of 27th December & 4th February. What
Letters you wrote me between (hem dates are not yet come to hand.
Captain Wilkenson is safe arrived in the Sound2 from Rotterdam. Your
goods were landed at Stanford, about 60 Miles from this place. I have since
sent A Sloop to carry them to Philadelphia, as there was no possibility of
getting them here safe, occasioned by our officers being resolved to
stop all counter/band trade. Since yours has been landed, there has been
three Hondred Bolts of Russia Duck Seized that was a landing nigh this
place. You need not be under any concern about what goods we have coming.
You may depend I shall take such precautions as will keep them safe, &
that I am on such a footing with the officers here that if any Person can
have favours, I will.
I received a Parcel of goods by Wilkenson from the Messrs. I & Z Hope
with orders to assist Wilkenson to purchase A Vessel for them. I have
given them A full reply by this oppertunity [to] let them know the
circumstances the trade from their parts were under & advised them of Our Partnership in the trade carried on here from the 1st Instant.
It was impossible it should commence sooner, as I did not receive your
Letter agreeing to it to 20th April. Beside[s], on the 1st May is the best
time to balance our Books yearly, as it is between the old & the new
bussiness, & further there was no transactions of consequence from the 1st
March to 1st May. What goods came by Witkenson comes into our Company
Books, which are the first this spring. Number 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 Bales of
Manchester goods7 received by the Molly were unopened the 1st May, so
have made an Invoice of them in the Company Books, & your to expect
Sales of them from us.
I promise to close of[f] what goods were opened the 1st May in my own
Books & take account of what I sell after that date & what commission
arrises from them to charge my particular Account with & credit Profit &
Loss for. You as well as all men in trade runs risks, but I think from our
present prospect, it will be very hard if we dont clear very largely in our
Partnership. I long for the bookkeeper you propose to send, as more of my
time is spent within doors then is for our Interest.
Whatever goods arrives here now, whether shiped for your account or
mine, is to be brought to the Company account. What I have ordered I have
ordered Insurance on, with precautions I hope you have taken. I by no
means choose you should send any goods on your particular account. What
ever will answer you shall have advice of, & I hope we shall be able from
our Stock to do what is necessary on our own account. I believe I shall be
able to put in the sum proposed, £2,000 Currency, but the whole of that cant
be this Eight or ten Months.
I think it would be best to bring the Prince of Wales to our Stock account.
I have had occasion to write by this oppertunity to Messrs. Isaac & Zach
Hope; Mr. Herman Vanyzendoorn; Mr. Peter Cocqueet; Messrs. Porter &
Mierop; Messrs. William Snell & Co.; Messrs. Haliday & Dunbar; Messrs.
Melling, McQuoid & Haliday; Messrs. Hyde & Hamilton; Messrs. George
& William Ware of Bristol; Mr. George Dunlope, & advised them of our
Partnership from the 1st May & the Firm of our House.
I must now request you i advise the following Gentlemen of it with whom
I have Corresponded. As I have no particular business to write them, I think
it woud be puting them to A Needless expence to advise them of it by the
Packet, & we have now no better opportunity.
In Cork: Messrs. Paul & James Benson, Mr. John Lawton,& Mr.
Perry, the last dis bussiness often here on his own account.
Dublin:" Messrs. Bartrand & Thompson, Mr. Oliver Mathews," Mr.
John Hawkins, Messrs. Smyth & Knox, & Hugh McNeily."
Newry: Mr. David Carlile, Mr. Hugh Hamilton, Messrs. Edward &
Isaac Curry, Mr. Adam Meatland & Mr. Samuei McGeough.
Belfast: Mr. John Greg [Sear.], Mr. John Hyde, Mr. Samuel Hyde, Mr. James Ross, Messrs. Leggs, Hyde & Co., Mr. John Henderson, Mr. James
Henderson, Mr. James McQuatters, Mr. John Potts, Mr. Hugh
Donaldson, Mr. James Park, Mr. John Brown, Mr. Samuel MaTees,
Messrs. John Gordon & John Calwell. Mr. Robert Calwell, Mr. Robert
Gordon, Messrs. Blow & Cunningham, Mr. John Campbell.
Colerain: Mr. Robert Given.
Ballycastle: Mr. John McCalister, Mr. John McNeal.
Londonderry:Captain James Falls.

I would by all means advise on receipt of this you take A Ride to Newry,
Derry, Colerain, & Ballycastle & do what you can to get bussiness to our
House. You may depend you cant get too much in (he Flaxseed Shiping.
I have opened A New set of Books, but don't propose to write in Either
journal or Ledger to the Bookeeper comes over.
I by all means agree in case of my Death that the Person sent Over should
lake the affairs in hand & manage them as no such Misfortune had happened,
& this trust that may fall on him requires he shoud have the good qualitys
you mention.
All the Tea by the Haiequin is sold, but the Muslins & Cambricks are
much too fine for this Market. I have been obliged to bring your Butter
from Albanny. You shall have Sales of it & many other parcels of goods
by first oppertunity.
As to my Brother affair, I think of him as I always did, Daniel Expenus.
I have A Letter from him that will oblige him to pay it & the Charge of £50
I make. In my account is A Bill of Henry Pattersons on him, which I
Remitted himself, & I defy him to show in the account An article I cant
Properly support. The Bill he drew on me he is not obliged to pay, as it
was neither Protested, nor presented regularly, so that he ought to send
them to me for payment of it, & if he woud do so, he woud be due me
£80.19.8 Irish, which would enable me to help my Friends Creditors of
HP. But he has no sence of Feeling, or the Letters I wrote him would
make him know how to act. You may plainly see I would have taken care
that such A man as this should not fall in my Debt on Settlement, but by
taking from his Credit & placing to Mr. VanYzendoorns credit the
proceeds of the Tea made it so, tho surely this is the cause of lossing money by my Brother. Yet I choose Mr. VanYzendoorn should be paid fully, as
I would much rather suffer by A Brothers Bad Conduct, nor any other
Person Else should, when I am able to bare it.
Every Sales of Dry Goods since the Nancy's has advanced a Little, &
they are rising by degrees dayly. You may depend I have & shall do the
most I can for our Interest.
Annexed you have a List of Bills. Those on London are enclosed to
Messrs. Porter & Mierop to get accepted & forward you. The whole Amounts
is £947.5.9 Currency [and] is to your Debit. I beg whenever I remit A Bill
that Proves bad, you take care to return it immediately, as 1 always take
care to have good Drawers, or indorsers, & the Damages is 20 per Cent.
I am this moment favoured with yours of the 24th February & observe
the contents. Shall examine the Sales of the Flaxseed & place the proceeds
to your debit. It gives me great pleasure to hear my Brother behaved well
in Newry. He will be A Compteat Captain or I mistake him much.
I bought Twenty Tons of Logwood at £10 per Ton & [have] taken Freight
in the Snow Magog, John Sheldon Master. It goes to Mr. VanYzendoorn
address, as dis the Snow by my desire. This is our first Transaction on our
account. I have ordered Mr. Yzendoorn to Insure £120 Sterling on it & to
ship as much Bohea Tea by the Brigg Brantford, John Wallace Master, as he
thinks it [will] produce. I have bought on our account 25 Tons of Logwood
at £9 per Ton, but have not resolved what to do with this Parcel yet.
I am A small part concerned in the Brigg Brantford & in A Schooner in
the Bay of Hondoras. As soon as they come in, shall sell my parts, as I
think it is not prudent for us to be concerned in more Vessels, except one
very larg one to go constantly between this & your place, which if you see
proper to fix on the trade, we to hold A third or A half in. I am content I
woud choose my Brother shoud go in her or William Greg. Dont let your
past bad opinion of the last hinder you, for I am sure he will turn out well.
The 8th part of the Brigg Brantford and Cargoe out, which is my concern
in her, I think it best to come on our joint account. So let Mr. Yzendoorn
advise how the Exchange is when it is shiped that I may fix it properly in
our Books, & if you have any goods shiped before the Prince of Wales comes
out, advise what they cost Sterling, as I think they ought to be on the
Company account.
As to goods, I can form little Judgement till the Spring Vessels arrives.
So in my next you may expect to hear fully on that head.
I think it would be prudent you would immediately order one Hundred
& Fifty Pieces of Irish Linnen from lOd to 20d per Yard where they can be
got cheapest. Would choose we should have out Four Hundred Firkins of
Butter on our joint account. I shall ship the 25 Tons of Logwood to some
place or other to help to pay for it.
I woud by all means recommend to you to be watchfull if the Linnen
Board proposes to have any Flaxseed from this to apply for us, & the
greatest service that can be done us is to be strongly recommended to the
Commanding officers in the Army here & the Captains of men a war. So
that I must beg you'l never mis an opportunity in that way.
I have now A Scheme to [offer] you, & after considering it, proceed in it
as you see proper. I imagin Fruit will be very much wanted here next Winter.
I think if you could Freight a Vessel that would carry from 800 to 1600
Hogsheads of Flaxseed at 10s per Hogshead if Peace, 14s per Hogshead if
limes are as they were last Fall, & 20s per Hogshead if war is declared & for being Insured this Freight. She must proceed to Cadiz & take in A
Load of Salt & Fruit & bring it to us Freight free. You would most likely
get such a Vessel at white haven. The Quantity of Fruit proper for this
Market is 150 Boxes of Lemons, 50 Boxes of Grangers. Sixty Casks of
Raisons, 100 Trails of Figgs, Ten Casks of Currants, & about 2,000 pounds
of Almonds. A little Wine might also do. If you cant get such A Vessel as I
propose, give any of fheFlaxseed Vessels bound out £100 this Currency for
touching in there & do you pay the charge there.
I have Underwrote here this Twelve Months past. It has turned out very
well. Our Premium are about 70 per Cent more then are paid in London.
I am going since 1st May on our Company account.
I have not at present to add but my sincear wishes attends you, your
Family, & all our Friends well fare. WC

£31.18.0 Brinish Ster, Thos Ellington on Jos Diedorice* in Dublin Exch 82V> per Cent £57.9.9
21.0.0 ditto John Cope" on Doctor Cope" in Dromore5* 80 37.16.0
30. 0.0 Irish Ster Alex'r McMullion"1 on James Dunn61 in Dublin Exch 65 49.10.0
30. 0.0 Brinish Ster George Ingoldesby" on John Calcraft in London Exch 82'/> 54.15.0
15.0.0 ditto John Galland" on Henry Bullock" in ditto Exch 85 27.15.0
300. 0.0 ditto Livingston & Alexander05 on Thomlinson & Hanbury'6 Exch 80 540. 0.0
100.0.0 ditto ditto ditto ditto 180. 0.0
£527. 0.0 £947. 5.9
per 2d & 3d Packet
Capt. McCullum