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Title: Cunningham, Waddell to Melling, McQuoid and Haliday, 1756
CollectionLetterbook of Greg & Cunningham, 1756-1757 [T. Truxes]
SenderCunningham, Waddell
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationLiverpool, England
RecipientMelling, McQuoid and Haliday
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count289
TranscriptTo Melling, McQuoid & Haliday, Liverpool 17 June 1756

I am favoured with yours of the 31st March & observe the contents.
Inclosed you have a Letter for Captain Beekman which please peruse,
take a Copy of, & deliver to him. I computed your Vessel would cary 500
Hogsheads of Flaxseed at 13s per Hogshead is Brittish money, computing
the Exchange between England & Ireland1 81/3 per Cent, £300.00.0.
900 Barrels of Tar, at 6/6 per Barrel, is 292-10.0
Expends in Ireland, loss of time going there
& differance on the Insurance, I computed at 30/£322.10.0

The differance between these two Freights I imagined you made by
sending your Vessel to Liverpool directly. Bui you see Captain Bakeman
disaved me which I will attest if there is occasion, but I dont imagin he
will dispute it. He had no Tar on Board on his own account, or he gave a
false Manifast of his Cargoe. It would give me pleasure you could Setle
with Captain Beekman in A Friendly Manner, & I believe from what his
Friends has wrote him on spaking to me on the subject, you'l be able to
bring it about.
I made A mistake of £______ which I alterd on Posting my Books.
Otherwise you'l find their sum charged you right.
As soon as I come further in Cash, you shall be remitted. I expect it
will be paid at the time its due.
In a former Letter, I informed you of my Partnership with Thomas Greg
from the 1st May last & to return you thanks for all your past favours &
to assure you of our readiness at all times to render you every Service
in our Power. WC
per Capt. Cunningham