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Title: Cunningham, Waddell to Haliday & Dunbar, 1756
CollectionLetterbook of Greg & Cunningham, 1756-1757 [T. Truxes]
SenderCunningham, Waddell
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationLiverpool, England
RecipientHaliday & Dunbar
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count361
TranscriptTo Haliday & Dunbar, Liverpool 20 June 1756

Our last was 15th Instant Via London to which refer.
Inclosed you have of Our joint Cargoe by the Johnson. Your Fourth
amounts to £___, & your Fourth disbursments on her to £____. per
account enclosed. We have done all in our power for the Interest of the
concerned in Dispatching the Cargoe that came by her & loading with
the articles that has the best prospect to answer with you.
The Salt Measured oul no more then 1731 Bushels which sold for 2/6
per; the Fine Earthen Ware, 13 per Cent advance; the Crates 18s per; 30
pounds Lead at 46 per Cent; (he Cask & Box of Scotch goods at 125 per
Cent. What of the Linnens & yarn Stockings are sold brought a very
great advance. They are yet mostly on hand, but we hope to get quit of
them soon. The Cheese sold for 81/2 per pound, but on opening it proves
so bad that we shall have to make A very large abatement. The Beer sold
for 14s per Dozen.
Inclosed you have Livingston & Co, Bill on Thomlinson & Hanbury for £100.
Get Insurance made on the cost of the goods Messrs. Hyde & Hamilton
may send you to forward by the Johnson, One Hundred & Forty Pounds
on the Vessel & the One half of the Cargo you may ship on her Voyage
out but One Hundred & Fifty Pounds Sterling which we choose to risk.
WC would be much obliged to you to push off all his goods, & what
balance may fall due to him pay lo Hyde & Co. You need not remit Mr.
Thomas Greg any money if not done before this comes to hand. You'l see
there is A balance due him on the remittance you made for the Johnson
outfitt &c.
Please to credit our account for the Half of the Freight the Johnson
makes home & the Half proceeds of her Cargoe. We are convinced you'l do
all you can to get her Freight out & give her Dispaich. G&C

per the Johnson, Capt. Cunningham
& Capt. Kerr