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Title: Cunningham, Waddell to Hyde & Hamilton, 1756
CollectionLetterbook of Greg & Cunningham, 1756-1757 [T. Truxes]
SenderCunningham, Waddell
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationManchester, England
RecipientHyde & Hamilton
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count717
TranscriptTo Hyde & Hamilton, Manchester 20 June 1756

We wrote you 22nd Ultimo to which please be refered.
We are now favoured with yours of the 20th February by the Johnson
with Invoice of sundrys shiped by her amounting to £1387.4.101/4 is to
your Credit, but you advise Haliday & Dunbar too large A sum to get
Insured by which we suffer. We expected we should [have] our goods as
reasonable as our Neighbours, but to our Surprize, Nealson & Company of
your place sent checks of equal quality & Brenth with yours & came
1/2 d per Cent cheaper which is the Case in the Fustians, Handkerchiefs,
&c. Compare with him, & you'l find it as we advise you. So we expect an
abatement only to put us on a Footing with other People.

Inclosed you have an order for sundry goods which we expect you'l
send us on as reasonable terms as any from your place, as we intend to
pay Punctualy, & if they be a day longer due you then a year, charge us
Interest. But this we dont expect you'l have occasion to do. You must
as soon as possible after receiving this order send them to Messrs. Haliday
& Dunbar of Liverpool to forward by the Johnson, & if any misfortune
should happen her, by any Vessel bound here or to Philadelphia. Advise
them the Value to enable them to Insure the cost.

Inclosed you have A Bill for £67,19.7 Sterling drawn by Livingston & Co. on Thomlinson & Hanbury which balances Wallace & Bryans Protested
Bill of £140 with Interest & charges.
You have Inclosed also £250 Livingston & Co. bill on Thomlinson &
Hanbury which please credit Our W. Cunningham for, & as soon as he
hears from Messrs. Haliday & Dunbar what they are like to pay you, he
will remit as much as will balance your account. He returns you thanks
for the Cotton Thicksett which is the best he ever see.
The Price of Cotton & Logwood both keeps up as at foot. If you want
any of these articles or any to be got here, we never will draw on you,
let money be due or not. We hope & expect you'l use your Interest with
your Friends that dis any thing this way in our favour. G&C

Exchange to London, 80 per Cent
Logwood, £10 per ton
Nicorago Wood, £11 per ton
Reice 12/6 to 13/6 per hundredweight
Cotton 1/7 to 1/8, per pound
Bees Wax 1/11, per pound

Bill £140.
Protest & Postage 0.12.7
Interest 9 Months at 7 per Cent 7. 7.0 £147.19.7 The Interest
is computed from the date of the Protest to 9 Months after. By that
time, you'l be in Cash for these bills.

Ten Bales of Checks, each Bale sorted as follows - Numbers 1 to 10
4 Peices of yard & 3/8 Cotton Check
2 ditto ditto Linnen
6 ditto yard wide Number 1
2 ditto yard wide Number 2
6 ditto 7/8 wide Number 1
2 ditto 7/8 wide Number 2
1 ditto 7/8 wide Number 3
2 ditto 7/8 Linnen
3 ditto 3/4 Common Checks
3 ditto 11 Nail Check

We know your Packers will find fault with these Packages, but as they
came in Our own Vessel, we are easey about the measure of them.

60 Pieces 3/4 Checks
60ditto of 11 Nail ditto
60 ditto of 10 Nail ditto 60 ditto of 7/3 Linnen Check
30 ditto of 7/8 Cotton Check Number 2
10 ditto o 7/8 Cotton ditto —Number 3
60 ditto of 7/8 Cotton ditto — Number 1
80 ditto of l/4 Cotton Check — Number 1
30 ditto of 4/4 ditto — Number 2
100 Gowns for Women such as you charged before 8s per
2 Piecis of White Manchester Velvet 1/2 yard at 7/6
2 ditto Drab ditto 1/2 ditto at 7/6
2 ditto Black ditto 1/2 ditto at 8/0
30 Shapes at 10/6 Red, Blew, & Green
20 ditto at 11/6 3/2 Black
20 Pieces of Fustians at 18 to 25s per
10 Pieces of Cotton Holland at 16d per yard
40 6/4 Bed Ticks
20 6/4 3/2 ditto
20 7/11 — ditto
10 Gross of Quality Bendings
100 Dozen of Handkerchiefs

per the Johnson, Cap I. Cunningham
& Capt. Kerr