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Title: Cunningham, Waddell to Walker & Woodbridge, 1756
CollectionLetterbook of Greg & Cunningham, 1756-1757 [T. Truxes]
SenderCunningham, Waddell
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationBarbados, West Indies
RecipientWalker & Woodbridge
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
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Word Count696
TranscriptTo Walker & Woodbridge, Barbadoes 12 July 1756

The Brig Greg arrived here the 9th Instant with A Cargoe of Beef &
Herrings which we were to dispose off, if we could, to advantage, if not, to send her to any Island in the West Indies that promised the best Market, or if we thought proper to go among the Islands.

Messrs. John Potts, John Hyde, & Thomas Greg, Merchants in Belfast,
owns this Cargoe for which you have Bill of Lading enclosed which
you are to dispose of in your place, If you can procure the following Prices & remit the proceeds by the Vessel, as directed hereafter without detaining her too long. The Beef at £4 per Teirce, 50s per Barrel, and Herrings 30 per Berrel, or so as to averige the whole at these prices.
If you sell the Cargoe as above & can [get] a Freight to Liverpool for
the Greg that will make £500 Sterling, you are to except of it if times
are in the present unsetled way. But if it should be A War, you are not to
except of any Freight that will make her less then £750 Sterling. Incase any of these Freights are obtained, you may ship the Proceeds of the Cargoe in good Muscavado Sugar by her at the Current Freight so it has A Prospect
to answer. If not, you are to remit Bills on England for it.
Incase you sell the Cargoe & cant obtain the Freight advised, then you
are to send the Greg to this place & lay out the Proceeds of the Cargoe in
Rum & sixty Barrels of Sugar, which is to pay the Customary Freight, &
endeavor to get her filled up on Freight & hopes it will be to our address
also, as by that means the price wont be pulled down. Where ever you
load the Vessel to, lay out Our Thomas Greg 2/3 Neat Proceeds of Freight,
as directed before. Your to observe the Cargoe pays 2/3 Port Charges.
Incase the terms we have limitted cant be obtained, then the Greg must
go farther, & we think it most prudent you directly send Captain Hathorn to
St. Eustatia. Consign the Cargoe to him self, &, if he can obtain 11 Pieces per Barrel for the Beef & 6 Pieces for the Herings, to sell there & lay
out the Proceeds of the Cargoe in Melasses, Sugar, & Cocoa. The Proceeds
of the Freight, as you may direct, [use] to get his Vessel filled up on Freight, if Possible, & with it to proceed to this place. But incase the above prices cant be obtained for his Cargoe, then he must go to Jamaica & dispose of it there to the best advantage & observe the same directions we have given you about Freights.

Incase the Cargoe goes under the Captain's Care, you
mus make him agree to leave his Commissions to the owners of it when he
gets home. You well know the risk that attends Vessels in the Hurricane
Months in the West Indies, so we request you'l give the Greg Dispatch. As
soon as she gets here & discharged, we shall load her with Flaxseed for
Belfast, & if she carys as much as we expect, & the Freights no better then
last year, she will make £375 Irish Sterling Freight. If you send Captain
Hathorn farther, you must give him strict orders if the Brig is bound to this Place to let her be here early in November, & if he cant sell the Cargo, so as to come with her, to send her here with the Mate, & he to go for Belfast.

Whatever you do with the Vessel, keep Thomas Greg & the owners of
the Cargoe advised of it to govern their Insureance.
The Embargo on Provisions is likely to continue a long time.
Incase you send the Greg to Liverpool, what you ship on Mr. Gregs
particular account or account of the Freighters is to be consigned to
Messrs. Haliday & Dunbar Merchants there. Annexed you have the prices
of goods. G&C
per the Greg. Capt. Hathorn