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Title: Cunningham, Waddell to Van Yzendoorn, Herman, 1756
CollectionLetterbook of Greg & Cunningham, 1756-1757 [T. Truxes]
SenderCunningham, Waddell
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationRotterdam, Netherlands
RecipientVan Yzendoorn, Herman
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count548
TranscriptTo Herman Van Yzendoorn, Rotterdam 26 July 1756

Our last was the 21st Instant by Captain Corny advising the safe arrival
of the Prince of Wales, Captain John Nealson. She got here the 24 Instant
& is discharging her Ballast to day, but what to do with her we have not yet resolved. As soon as we do, you shall be advised. We beleive we must
Load her for Cadiz, as there is not time to make a Voyage to your place, nor do we choose to be concerned in so hazardous a trade, so largely as our
Interest in that Vessel & Cargoe must be. As we must keep her on any trade
that has a prospect to Answer best, we suppose you wont choose to be
concerned in her, so would be glad to know What we must pay you for
your Interest in her if she returns Safe from the Voyage she now goes on.
We beg leave to tell you, we committed no mistake in telling Captain
Stewart [to] sign Bills of lading for one part of the Cargoe & Captain
Nealson for the remainder of it. Captain Nealson is to be looked upon as
Purser of the Vessel & W. Stewart the master, & if youl Enquire of men
acquainted in these affairs, youl find both these men has a good right to
sign bills of Lading. Captain Griffith has used us Ill, & we shall talk to
him When he comes here.
You are not to expect we can make up Sales as fast as you can. The way
we sell our goods is very different from you. We beg leave to assure you
WC will in a very short time send you all your sales & account Current, &
as we are afraid we are not able to give you satisfaction by your appearing
so eager for accounts before they can be made out, we neither desire nor
Choose more of your commissions.
We have examined all your Accounts & are surprized to find such loss
of weight on the Logwood. You have overcharged £60.9.0 commissions.
[In] your account Current, you charge a Commission & in the sale of the
goods, a commission, & both on the freight. One we think you have a right
to & no more.
We think you ought to have bought our tea at the Cheapest, 15 stivers
Very good has been shiped for. We Credit you for Mr. Beaches ballance, as
we bought his bill long before Captain Nealson arrived. He was so much affraid of our officers. We are in great hopes to save all our goods. You
may depend, we Shall leave no thing undone to bring this about. The
Logwood by Captain Sheldon can fall but a trifle, if any, short of paying the Ballance we are due on our part of the Prince of Wales Cargoe. Shoud it
fall anything short, we shall remit it you immediately. Advise us how much
each of our ballances is that we may fix them in our Books. We shall spake
to Mr. Livingston about your affair. G&C

PS. We think you detained our Vessel thirty days longer then there was the
least Occasion for.
per Capt. Rutgars
& the Packet, & Capt. Morris