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Title: John Anderson, Champion, [Ohio?], to W. Anderson Lisnamuck.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAnderson, John/13
SenderAnderson, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCincinnati, USA
DestinationCo. Tyrone, N. Ireland
RecipientAnderson, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD 1859/5: Presented by Dr. J.T. Anderson, 16 Ashley Gardens, Banbridge, County Down, [Ireland?].
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9403029
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TranscriptFor Mr William Anderson
Lisnamuck Care of John
Hunter Esq Greenfield
[Pa?] Aughadoey [Aghadowey?] Co Derry

Champion September the 30th 1842

Dear Father and Mother Brother and sisters
I once more write you a few lines if it be the
will of him who directs all things to send them your length
the [they?] will inform you of our wellfair [welfare?] we are
all in the en joyment [enjoyment?] of good health at present
through the mercies of the great Bestower of all Blessings
hopeing [hoping?] when these lines reaches your length the
[they?] will find you and all our friends and old
acquaintance enjoying the same Blessing Dear Brother we Recd
[Received?] your letter that you sent with Mathew [Matthew?]
[McPatrick?] on the 1st ins [instant?] which gave us great
satisfaction to hear from you all that you are all on the land
of the liveing [living?] and enjoying good health likewise we
Recd [Received?] the letter you sent with R [Robert?] John Chestnut
and I believe we Recd [Received?] all the letters you sent so
that we can make no apology for not writeing [writing?]
sooner on account of not Recd [Received?] your letters
neither have we any reason for not writeing [writing?] sooner
you never wrote a sentens [sentence?] in any of your
letters to offend any of us we must Confess we were negligent
about writeing [writing?] to you But I hope you will excuse
us we commensed [commenced?] our harvest about the middle of
July and finished on the 18th of August
This Country is Blessed with a Bountifull [Bountiful?] Crop
this year we had five hundred and sixty dozen of wheat twelve
tun [ton?] of hay thirtyfive dozen of oats half a Bushel of
flax we never raised any flax till this year since we came
to this country we saved five Bushel of seed
of the half Bushel that we sowed flaxseed is sold here for
eighty-seven cents per Bushel wheat sixtytwo [sixty two?]
cents per Bushel oats 12 and a half cents per Bushel potatoes
18 cents per Bushel Pork sold last fall at two
dollars and two and half per 100 weight Beef 3 to 4 cents
per pound Butter 7 cents per Pound Cheese 5 cents per Pound
one shilling of your money counts 22 cents of ours and 100
cents makes one dollar so you can tell how many shillings of
your money makes a dollar then you will understand the price
of everything here I am sorry to state to you that times is
Pretty hard here at present I had a letter from Robert John
Chestnut since he came to this country he wrote to me that he
landed in Newyork [New York?] and stoped [stopped?] there four
weeks and could find no imployment [employment?] he then
came to Philadelphia and stoped [stopped?] there a while But
could find no work then he started out to the country thirty
miles he engaged two months with a man at 11 dollars per
month he wrote to me if I could give him any encuragement
[encouragement?] to come out here or to advise
him what to do I could not advise him to come here to ensure
him of work I made him very welcom [welcome?] to come and see
us and see the country and to stop a month or to [two?] with
us and perhap [perhaps?] he might find work and perhaps not
Brother David has got married in January last to a daughter
of Mr Samuel Biggert the [they?] came from the county [county?]
antrim near finboy church about six or seven
years ago I think Misses [Mrs?] Samuel Nimock was acquainted
with them Before the [they?] came to this country Brother
Robert has got maried [married?] at this date David and him
is maried [married?] on sisters Robert has got the oldest
daughter and David the second the [they?] were sober decent
girls David sold his farm to acommodate [accommodate?] Robert
and Joseph he had no thoughts of selling to a stranger at the
same time he has at this date Bought Joseph part Back and has
moved on to [onto?] it we have Been all living together or at
least pretty convenient to each other since we all came to
this Country direct your letters to me as formarly
[formerly?] for we all get areading [a reading?] of then [them?]
a like [alike?] which ever of us is at the Post Office gets the
letters last winter was a very open winter here there was
very little frost or snow the wether [weather?] was moderate
and warm it was remarked by old me
that the [they?] never seen such a winter Before it was very
sickly in some parts and a grate [great?] many died it was
thought if there had Been more frost and snow and Cold wether
[weather?] it would a Been more healthier But we have reason
to Be thankfull [thankful?] the sickness did
not continue long Mr Alexander Cithcart [Cathcart?] is at this
date with in [within?] thirty miles of us at Mr James Nisbets,
[Nesbit?] Salem Township Mercer County State of Pensulvoenia
[Pennsylvania?] we expect he will come and see
us if he dont I will go and see him as it is convenient to
where John Roberts is we have not seen John since April
last But we have heard from him he Recd [Received?] the
letter his Father sent to him John [McPatrick?]
and family is well he Recd [Received?] the letters that
his fatherinlaw [father-in-law?] and his Brother William
sent with Mathew [Matthew?] we are now comencing [commencing?]
to sow our fall grane [grain?] we have twenty five acres to
sow in wheat on new ground that never was sowed Before
Dear Father and Mother as I Count it my duty to rigt [write?]
a afew [a few?] lins [lines?] to you and to my little Children
John and Thomas as I still have them in mind a good del
[deal?] being so fare [far?] seperated [separated?] from ech
[each?] othere [other?] I hope that I shall ether [either?]
go or send For them in one year frome [from?] now or send them
a present I hope that the [they?] will be mindful to there [their?]
grandfather and Grand Mother [Grandmother?] and learn to read
and spell well as it will be useful to them if spared to Come
to this Contery [Country?] I am Thankfull [Thankfull?] to
Brother Alexandrew [Alexander?] Adams for Coming to see the
Cheldrin [Children?] and to here [hear?] that all my
friends in that Contery [Country?] is well
Escespecly [Especially?] my Father and Mother which I
much respeced [respected?] I have little
to wright [write?] at present as Brother John has made all
remarks I remain yours trully [truly?] Robert Anderson We
all joine [join?] in sending oure [our?] love to oure [our?]
Father and Mother Brothers and sisters in the kindest manner
and to all oure [our?] Friends and Nebours [Neighbours]

Dear Brother I am sorry to state to you that times
is remarkable [Bad?] here at present produce of all kinds
dont sell for half the price it did last year and there
is no public works a Carrin [to carry?] on which makes times
wors [worse?] Dear Brother I would be glad to see you all in this
Cuntry [Country?] But I Consider if I was to advise you out here at
present I would not be doing my duty unless you Could Bring 100 pounds
with you or have something near to that when you would land as long as
you are employed in the Company [Boy?] I consider you are as well there
when you write direct to warren Postoffice care of the
Postmaster for John Anderson Champion Trumbull County Ohio for the
Post office is removed from Mr True give our love to our father
and Mother [Mullahinch?] to [Andrew?] Mc Michael and family and to
all our friends there give our love to James Wintyer [Winter?] and family
and to all our friends in [Collans?] give our love to all our friends
and old acquantanse [acquaintance?] in Ballinree and elsewhere since
I commenced writeing [writing?] my letter I had an oppertunity
[opportunity?] of seeing Mr Cathcart I had a great deal of Conversation
with him about the old country he thinks there is a great Change in this
Cuntry [Country?] since he was here Before he says there was hundreds of
passengers returned Back to Ierland [Ireland?] this sumer [summer?] and
hundreds in New york and Philadelphia that [cannot?] find imploy
[employment?] I ad [add?] no more at present But Remains your Brother
to Death John Anderson