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Title: Cunningham, Waddell to Greg, Thomas, 1756
CollectionLetterbook of Greg & Cunningham, 1756-1757 [T. Truxes]
SenderCunningham, Waddell
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationBelfast, Northern Ireland
RecipientGreg, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipbusiness partners
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count1417
TranscriptTo Thomas Greg, [Belfast] 30 November 1756
Dear Sir:

Annexed you have coppy of our Last & have now to own receipt of
your favours of the 14th, 15th, & 17th September by Mr. Cobham. He
& the two Boys arrived here Safe the 20th Instant.
We shall ship the 30 Hogsheads of Flaxseed for Mr. James MccWatters, agreeable to your orders. We have not yet received Mr. Guizets order but
shall act with Caution about it. I have perfected the power for Mr. Cobham
& think it very prudent to take the precaution, & I assure you, What I wrote in Relation to the acts of partnership arose from this: that I thought some parts of them I could not comply with some parts of them & thought it neither your nor my Interest to comply with, & tho I was well Convinced if you & I Lived to settle matters, they never would have been Looked at, yet as that is a Chance & I was sure I couid not Comply with the Conditions Stipulated in the acts you sent, I thought it prudent to write you on the Subject & have them perfected on a reasonable footing which I shall in a few Days & Send you them to perfect also & to keep them both, for I beg Leave to assure you in the most sacred manner, that I have neither Desire nor hope for Success where our mutual interest is not concerned.
As to our spring goods, I have already given you a full account of what
I think we will want but 150 pieces of Irish Linnen from l0d to 12d per
yard. I have now to Request that the goods I have ordered may be sent by
the very first Vessells in Spring, Let the Expense be what it will, It will
make it such a Difference to us as you can hardly think.
Inclosed you have a Letter for Messrs. hide & Hamilton. One Coppy of
it I send by the packet. The contents of it is truth. Pray forward this after
perusing it. I Think we have been ill used by them. I never was obliged to
them. I am resolved to Quit them if we have not a proper abatement & our
orders exactly complied With for the time to Come & as cheap as from any
in Manchester. They may think us obliged to them, but I shall convince
them to the Contrary, for my only Reason for not giving Touchet our orders
for the Spring goods is that Mr. Hyde is your Relation that I Choose he
should have another oppertunity to Clear himself by serving us on the terms
other people woud, & for my part, if they come Dearer than my Neighbours
who has their goods from Touchet & Nealson, I never will open them. I can
make out an account & Convince any person that we are over Charged £100
Sterling since May Last & yet Messrs. H&H would make us believe that we
are 5 per Cent under any person by taking 1/2. per Ell off the yard & 3/8
Checks, & Keeping all the other goods at the Old price. I Look upon this
affair as an Imposition, & when that is the Case, I never will pass it over as to their Credit. I hope we shall be able to comply with, but you ought not to have sent the goods by Boyd but rather have Divided my orders for we shall have above £1,300 Sterling value in Checks lye to Spring. They are always writing us to Remit. They have had very Large Sums & very punctually
paid both from you and me. This is not the way other houses in Manchester
Serve their friends, for they wait their time when they know they are safe
Charging 5 per Cent Interest.
The Books Came safe and are sold. We have wrote Mr. Heslin, & the
Gentlemen you mentioned in London has been wrote to before. We have given You Credit for the Butter which is sold at 71/2 per pound. As soon as
you furnish me account of the apprentices charges, shall Credit you for
the Sum. You Lett it blank in your Letter. I am much obliged to you for
the Shoes & Boots, I wish you had Charged them, for it will hinder me
to write again for Such. Pray inform Mrs. Greg we shall make the most of
her Linnens & remit her in what we think best.
I shall take care to keep to one way in signing our Name Greg &
As to the continuance of our house here, I by no means intend to Drop it,
but it's possible I may not Choose to remain the Whole Duration of a further partnership, & that I may be Clear on that Subject tho at so great a Distance, I now Declare, while you Choose it, I never had, nor have the Least thoughts of Dropping you, & I Suppose that must be the Case with you towards me.
It will give I am Sure both you & me pleasure to Know that Mr. Cobham
is doing well, & so far from hindering him from trading on his own Stock,
that I shall take all the oppertunities to point to him the way I think best for him to Lay it out. You Know he cant touch Commissions, as that is in our way.
We Shall Keep to Mr. Thomas Dalaval in Hamburgh as I think it will be
for our interest. I assure you It gives me Concern to write what I am Obliged to Do about Messrs. Hyde and Co., but I think we are both Used ill. I believe it will be for our Interest to Do all we Can with Snell, He has been Doing all he Could for us in Ireland, & to make him a Sure Friend.
The Snow Johnson, Daniel Cunningham Master, Will be Clear to Sail
for Newry and Liverpool about 20th December. The way I would Choose
you would get our Insurance made on her, which I would Leave to you to
do, would be £100 Sterling on the Vessel at & from this to Liverpool from
all risks and £50 Sterling on Goods by her from all risk but the Enemy,
having Liberty to Discharge her Cargoe in Newry & £200 Sterling on her
Freight from this to Newry from all risks but the Enemy.
The Ship Waddell, Charles Stewart Master, will be full about the 15th of
December, but I am afraid it will be Some time in January before I get her
away. This you may be assured of, that tho it is a hard task to get hands
for her, I Don't Despair of it. She will carry 1,400 Hogsheads of Flaxseed.
It is very uncertain what the Freight will Break at: 20, 22/9, & 25s per
Hogshead is named. I am of Opinion that 22/9 will be the Freight.
I have Shiped in the Charming Sally, Captain Israel Munds, of
Amsterdam, 10 tons of Logwood, which I will Consign to Messrs. Thomas
& Adrian Hope with orders to remit you the Proceeds.
I hope you have Received from Mr. Thomas Dalaval of Hamburgh the
proceeds of the goods by Castleton. We ordered £170 Sterling Insurance on
said adventure at Hamburgh. As I wrote you of before, you must account
with Allen & Smilie of Glasgow for £7 11s 4d Brittish which I was obliged to draw on them 10 get a Sailor to go in the Schooner Charming Nancy,
William Stewart Master, to Jamaica & the Bay of Hondoras. We are one
half concerned in her, & on Our Interest I have ordered Insurance from
William Snell & Co. She is Sailed Some time agoe & has a prospect by best
advices from Jamaica & the Bay of making a Good Voyage.
I have yet no account of the Greg. I expect Letters Dayly from Jamaica.
She must either be taken or make you a good voyage.
Flaxseed is now 5/6 per Bushel. We have a Very Large parcel purchased
for us at Philadelphia which I Expect here every day, cost 3/7 to 8 3/9 per
Bushel. [WC]

P.S. When you receive this Write for Insurance on our 10 Tons of Logwood
at amsterdam £70 Sterling. The Vessell will sail in Six Days.

per the Packet
2 via Philadelphia