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Title: Cunningham, Waddell to Van Yzendoorn, Herman, 1756
CollectionLetterbook of Greg & Cunningham, 1756-1757 [T. Truxes]
SenderCunningham, Waddell
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationRotterdam, Netherlands
RecipientVan Yzendoorn, Herman
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
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Word Count813
TranscriptTo Herman Van Yzendoorn, Rotterdam 2 December 1756


We wrote you the 7th August, to which please be refered.
You have now enclosed sales of sundry goods, Viz.

Those received by the Elizabeth1 proceeds 421.19.7
Those received by the Harlequin2 proceeds 382.13.3
Your one Fourth of those by the Rachel3 137.14.61/2
942. 7.47;

which is brought to your credit in your account Current with Waddell
Cunningham, now enclosed, which he has balanced by Two Bills remitted with this — Viz.

William Davis bill on Joseph Tute5 Esquire in London
£84.10.11/4 Exchange 80 per Cent 156. 6.71/2:
John Torrans bill on William Snell & Co. in ditto
228,14.6 Exchange 80 per Cent 411.14.0
£568. 0.7V:

You'l please to observe that Waddell Cunningham has been obliged
to take a part of the goods to his own account to enable him to close the
Sales, & that he keeps you accountable to him if any Debts should prove
bad that he has now accounted with you, for You have pressed him so
unreasonably to close your account that he is very tired & indeed makes
him affraid to open one with you in our company Books. For you must
know thai our trade is not on a footing with yours. You can always sell
goods at the Market price; we must wait a Customers calling for them.
You can depend upon money when its due; we must wait very often many
Months after, so that we can in no respect come up with you in these
things, &, as we are affraid that we cant answer your expectations, we
would be glad to know the price you would take for the Fourth of Nealsons
snow, & if its not too high, we will take it as we wrote you before.
The Musketts you shiped at £41/2 is not worth 1d. We have sold a number
of them, & they turn out so bad that we are obliged to repay the money
or go to Law. The Person you bought them from has imposed upon you
very much. We expect to loss 15s A Muskett by them of what we should
have got, &, if you do not get us a very large abatement, we must suffer
very considerably by them. This is not the first complaint that has gone from this against his Arms, & 1 dare say, many more will follow. We
know not what to do with them for no one will buy them here.
Your account has credit for one Fourth freight made by the Prince of
Wales, £108.18.8, & is debitted for the fourth disbursments on her,
£94.8.7, & for one Fourth of her Cargoe to Cadiz, £150.4.2, & after
examining the accounts now enclosed, if found right, please to note them.
As with us, we have no account of her yet. If all is well with her, we hope
to see her by the 1st January. We have not yet resolved how to imploy her
after she arrives, but we shall do with her as appears to us most for the
Interest of her Owners.
We are favoured with yours of the 24th July & 26th August & observe
their contents. The[y] came to hand but a few days agoe. As Cotton at the
price it sold for would not leave you any Proff it, we defer purchasing
any for you. Annexed you have the prices that the Prize goods sold for.
We have conformed our Books to the several sums you advise. The
goods by Sheldon came safe but not yet got to this place.
We are sory to inform you that Six Chests of our arms is Seized in
Philadelphia. We expect to get them off for a trifle, but when thats
done, what can we do with them. As we come in Cash on your account, you
may depend upon punctual remmittances, but we are affraid, it will be a long time before we can close sales. You may be assured we shall loss no time.
Annexed you have the price of goods here. If at any time you think of
any article from this that will answer, you may be assured your commands
shall be observed with the greatest regard to your Interest. We shall be
obliged to you for your Interest with your Friends in our favour.
We are told that Silver Watches may be bought in Geneva for 25s Sterling
each. Pray send for Twenty for us for a tryal made as much in the English
taste as possible. G&C

Nicorago Wood, at £11
Logwood, 11 per Ton
Sarsaperilla, 2s/0 per pound
Dry Hydes, 2s/0 per pound
Martinico Coffee, 7d to 9d per pound
Ditto Sugar, 3 to 7 per pound
Ditto Cotton, 15 to 17 per pound
French Indigoe, 8s per pound
Via Amsterdam, per Capt. Munds
per the Packet
& the Charming Sally