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Title: Cunningham, Waddell to Haliday & Dunbar, 1756
CollectionLetterbook of Greg & Cunningham, 1756-1757 [T. Truxes]
SenderCunningham, Waddell
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationLiverpool, England
RecipientHaliday & Dunbar
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count836
TranscriptTo Haliday & Dunbar, Liverpool 17 December 1756


We wrote you by this opportunity & Via Philadelphia the 29th Ultimo
to which please be refered.
The trouble we have with the Seamen & the Bad Weather that has been
for some time past we are affraid will put it out of our power to get the
Johnson away before the 1st January. She has got in 18,914 Pounds of
Cotton between Decks, & we expect will take 2,000 pounds more. This is
for account of Messrs. Hyde & Hamilton. The Interest that We Owners
has now on board is 15 Tons Eight Hundreds [pounds] of Logwood to stow among the Flaxseed Casks, cost 11 per Ton is £169. 8.0
4 Tons of Barr Iron cost £24 per Ton is 96. 0.0
About five Thousand Barrel Slaves - cost £3.5.0 per 16. ^ 0

We would be glad you would write to Messrs. David Carlisle & Hugh
iamilton of Newry what the Bar Iron is worlh with you that it may be
sold at the best Market, as we shall refer them to your direction about it.
By the accounts we have from the Bay of Honduras, there is great
eason to expect the Spaniards will put an intire Slop to our trade there.
This with the prospect of a Spanish War makes us think Logwood will
take a great start so we are content it should be Slow Sale with you for
some time. The present price of it now is £13 per ton.
If It is possible, have a Protection sent to Newry for Daniels Crew. If
you cant get the names left Blank, put any names in it. There will be Eight
in Number.
We shall in about a Month order our Thomas Greg to remmii you £220
Sterling which we expect will about balance your Brinish account with
the Johnsons present Freight home. & we shall remmit you from this
what you'l have IO advance for our part of the Cargoe we now order, of
which you have account annexed. We woud recommend it to you to have
every article bought that may be the least detention to Our Vessel, as we
should by no means choose that she should be longer in your place then
Twenty days. For Our parts, we are quite easy about Freight. What is the
least detention, we would much sooner choose to want then have.
As soon as we have a little time, shall close the sales of the Johnson first Cargoe, which is all sold but about Seven Dozen of yarn stockings, & as we come in Cash shall remmit you which we expect soon to be able to do.
Incase any misfortune should happen the Johnson on her Voyage Home,
we woud encline you would Charter a Vessel to bring out the Cargoe we
now order & to Load here for your place. If you are obliged to take this
disaggreeable method, you may be what part you see proper concerned in
the Voyage, not to exceed one Half, the remainder to be for our account.

Our WC recommended Mr. Gerrard W. Bakesman to you. We look upon
him to be a very good man, & he has the Character to be very punctual,
Incase you please him, you'l get very large orders from his Father &
Brother who are both good men.
Pray let Messrs- Melling & Co. know as soon as we get in their money,
we shall remmit them, & that we expect if every day. Also inform Mr.
McQuoid that we arc at Aspenwall & Co. every day to bring on the
referance, that they promise it, & that we hope to end with them very soon.
We would be glad how soon you furnish us with account of Bounty on
Our Linnens & account Sales of the Johnsons Cargoe. We have two Rich French Ships brought in here the other day bound from Martinico & St. Domingo home. The Sale of their Cargoes comes on in A day or Two. Pray take care of our Apprentice that left the Johnson &
went a Privateering.

60 Pieces sail Cloth Number 1
20 ditto Number 2
10 ditto Number 3
10 ditto Number 4
30 ditto Number 7
30 ditto Number 8
20 ditto Number 9
20 ditto Number 10

Five Tons of Cheese in Hampers, with the Weight & Number of Cheese
in each Hamper.

The same assortment of Stockings shiped Last Voyage, & 60 Dozen
of Gray yarn Stockings to cost about l0d per Dozen, & 60 Dozen of
Thread Stockings one Half Brown from 16d to 30d per Dozen.
The same assortment of Hogsheads of Earthen Ware you shiped last
Voyage. 60 Hogsheads of Botled Beer
20 Boxes of Chester Pipes
100 Dozen of Large Men Shoes, if they are to be got with
you reasonable. Salt & Crates of Earthen Ware to fill up, the Earthen
Ware must be mostly hollow.
per the Packet
Capt. Blair