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Title: Joseph Carrothers to his Brother William Carrothers
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCarrothers, Joseph/21
SenderCarrothers, Joseph
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLondon, Ontario, Canada
DestinationCo. Fermanagh, N.Ireland
RecipientCarrothers, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3440 acc 13104: Deposited by the Linenhall Library
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9309345
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Doc. TypeEMG
LogAction By Date Document added by C. R., 30:09:1993
Word Count572
TranscriptOctober 10th 1862

Dear Brother Wm. [William?]
Excuse me for not answering your letter in the proper time, I write these
few lines to let you know we are all living and well and I hope the [they?]
will find you and all the family in the same thank God for all his mercies to us. We expected the troubles with our neighbours would terminated before this time, but it seems at a distance yet, it would give us better markets particularly for our stock which we have in abundance of every kind. The war with the South prevents the trade with them. Farm produce and grain has been in good demand til of late, grain is fallen, wheat from 65 cents to 72 per Bishel [bushel?], peas 46 to 48 cents pr [per?] Bu [bushel?]. Butter from 10 to 12 cents pr. [per?] pound. Apples from 12 to 25 cents pr. [per?] Bushel, all other produce equally cheap. You wish to know what I think of America. It is a place of Hard labour both summer and winter. Summer is the worst but wages is good and so is the Board and a steady man will make money. Clear farms of 100 acres in this place dose [does?] sell from three to four Thousand Dollars. The wild Land is from one Dollar to Two Dollars pr [per?] Acre thatm is Goverment [Government?] Land. Nathaniel thinks the Boys could do well by coming to this country, it is healthy. Some men speak favourably of the climate of Australia who has been in it from this country. As for Carpenters there is plenty of them such as the [they?] are, and the [they?] get good exploiment [employment?]. There is some very excellent workmen, there is a great dale [deal?] of work done in Factories such as planing [planning?] stuff, making Doors and sashes but it is not to be compared to work by hand. If the Boys should go to Australia, if Paul is yet alive he worked at the mines, him and his partners the last account I had from him his Address is P. Carrothers Oven's Mines Diggings, he did stop with a Mr Kensington, he kept a station house. You will please to let me know as coon [soon?] as this comes to hand what the [they?] are decided on doing. Please to give my best thanks to Mr J. Copeland and family. I see the [they?] have not for got [forgot?] me the tokens of ther [their?] kindness came safe to hand which is a treat I think a great deal of.
Please let me know if Wm [William?] McMullin is living. Let me know if Mr Hall is living in Derrybrusk, and if Mr Paul Dane is living in Killyhevlin.
Brothers Samuel, Nathaniel and Thomas and families are all well so is Cosins [cousins?] Mark, David and Micael [Michael?] and families and so is the Cosins [cousins?] from Bracy all living but George and the Carrothers are a strong party. Please give my love to all my old friends. My son Wm. [William?] is well has four children two Boys and two Girls. James is still with me, he is a Hard Worker.
Dear Brother I cannot think at present of any thing that would be worth
writing to you, but what I have said, so I send my love to you and your
partner in this life and your family
Yours affectionately
Joseph Carrothers.
POSTMARKED London PM Oc. 11 62
C.W. [Canada West?]
Hamilton U.C. [Upper Canada?] Oc. 13 1862
Lisbellaw M Oc. 25 62
Enniskillen D Oc. 27 62