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Title: Cunningham, Waddell to Greg, Thomas, 1757
CollectionLetterbook of Greg & Cunningham, 1756-1757 [T. Truxes]
SenderCunningham, Waddell
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNYC, USA
DestinationBelfast, Northern Ireland
RecipientGreg, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
Relationshipbusiness partners
Doc. No.
Partial Date
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Word Count1169
TranscriptTo Thomas Greg, Belfast 13 January 1757

Dear Sir:

I wrote you the 13th past to which please be refered.
I am sorry I could not come up to my intentions of dispatching our
Vessels entirely accasioned by the want of Seamen & the hard winter we
have had. This goes by my Brother, who Sails first Wind, & the Copy of
it by Captain McCalmont, who is also clear to sail, as is Captain Stewart,
but he wants many of his Men. He will certainly Sail by the 17th Instant.
I send our Letters open to Haliday & Co. by which you'l see what we
are doing. Pray sael & forward them, & do the same with the Letter
for Messrs. Hyde & Hamilton, which goes by Captain McCalmont.
Mr. Dunlap ought to be very thankfull for the manner we have dispatched
his ship. She came out here & had not one Hundred Hogsheads of Flaxseed
engaged to her, & we have got her loaded A Week sooner then
A Snow belonging to Lam who came here with all her Freight engaged.
We are in advance £500 Currency for Mr. Dunlap on goods that I dont
know when wee will be in Cash for.
Whatever Flaxseed goes from this consigned to you, I beg you to
sell at the Cash Market Price with you. The owners of what you had
last year acclaims against you very much for not selling at your Market,
tho you served them so much by sending to other places. Indeed one of
them carried it so far, Mr. Gomez, that I was obliged to take him to
account before some Gentlemen who all give it against him. But it
happened, so it shows you the necessity to act as I mention.
The Waddell, Captain Charles Stewart, will make with Freight of
Lumber home £1,600 Brittish Sterling. She will cost us about £1,000
Sterling. Our Interest in Bar Iron & Lumber by her will be about £140.
These sums I think you better get Insured, all but £400 Sterling of the
Freight which will cost us to Carry her Home. But I woud not choose
you should get More Insured from the Risk of the Enemy Then the
sum mentioned before. I beg you to fix A market to send her to. If any
Accident shoud Happen her on your Coast, dont have any thing to do
With filing her out.
With this & the Copy of it, you have the first & second bills for The
following Sums, & the Letters of advice for them Drawn on London.

On George & James Portis
40. 7.2 on Messrs. Alexander & White
49. 0.5 on Mr. Andrew Bond
£230.4.9 Which please to give us Credit For by
the Waddell. You will have £800 Sterling in bills, As we ship very largely
this year for Newry.
In our last, we Enclosed you Copys of Captain Hathorns Letter &
Curtin & Parkers. The Originals goes by Captain McCalmont. Hathorn
has to Account with us for 14 Barrills of Beef & two of Pork. Please to let
me know their proceeds when he arrives with you.
With this you'l receive the Acts of Partnership perfected on my part &
hopes you'l find every part of them reasonable & agreeable. Own receipt
of them & let me know how they are found.
You'l also receive by Captain McCalmont Sales of all your goods but
the Adventure in Company with Mr. Mierop, which I shall close as soon
as in my power & send you. You'l also receive by said Captain, Mr. Adam
Gregs account Current & A Bill on you for the balance, which please
debit my Irish account for, & A Bill I have this day drawn on you for
23.17.10 Brittish Sterling at 60 days Sight, favour John Henderson
payable in London, being the balance of his Account.
You'l please make Mrs. Greg state her account Current as made by me
& let her know I have not yet opend her Box of Linnens, as it is in poor
demand at present. But I shall remit her the first article I can meet that
think will answer.
Inclosed you have our Bill on Mr. John Stewart for £68.1.6 Brittish,
which please to credit us for.
We have compleated An order from Mr. Jacob Bosanquet of London
for £500 Sterling for Coffee & advised him of it, & Messrs. Leggs, Hyde &
Co. order for Sugar & Indigoe, & from all of them we expect great Credit.
We can't draw on Mr. Bosanquet to we forward Bills of Lading for his
goods. How much we shall be able to spare to you, I dont yet know, but
you may depend upon as much as Possible.
I have the pleasure to Inform you of Captain John Nealson's safe arrival
four days agoe. She will make us A very good Voyage. You'l please
peruse our Letters to Mr. Van Yzendoorn & forward it. I would be glad
you could agree with him to take his part of her at A Certain price when
she was Clear of her Rotterdam Voyage. I would be content to give him
£300 Currency for it, he paying the Premium for the sum he Insured on her
on the Cadiz Voyage, or if he wont sell her at that rate, give him £160
Currency for her When she will be clear of her Cargoe from Cadiz. She is
too late now to Proceed to Bristol, so Captain Nealson & me has not yet
solved what to do with her, pray with Mr. Van Yzendoorn.
Please to credit us for the enclosed Bill of £20 Sterling. If it dis not prove good, return it with Protest by two oppertunitys.
If you could get Four Thousand shirts made up for Soldiers, I can put
them off for a great advance. 31/2 yards of Linnen in A Shirt is the quantity.
The Linnen must not cost higher then 12d per Yard. I can also put off one
thousand Pairs of Shoes for Men. Let them be large & not to cost more then
36s per Dozen. The Sooner you send these Articles the better. The Shirts will bring from 10s to 12s each, & the Shoes 8s per Pair, & I have got A certain Sale for them. But dont mention it, for puling other People on our Scheme.
I have been obliged to Ship One Hundred & Forty Hogsheads of Flax
seed in the Waddell to fill her up on our account. I believe I will Sell them here, & if I can't do that, shall order Insureance on them from this by Snell & Co. before the Vessel Sails.
Please to credit us for the enclosed bill of Captain William Blair for
£16.17.8 Brittish. Dont think this A Safe oppertunity to send Mrs. Greg
some little things I have for her. WC

per the Johnson, Capt. Cunningham
& by the William & George, Capt. McCalmont