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Title: N. Carrothers, Ontario to W.Carrothers, Farnaght, Fermanagh
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCarrothers, Nathaniel/5
SenderCarrothers, Nathaniel
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginOntario, Canada
DestinationCo. Fermanagh, N.Ireland
RecipientCarrothers, William
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT3734:Presented by Edward N. Carrothers, 3 University Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
ArchivePublic Record Office, Northern Ireland
Doc. No.9411034
Partial Date
Doc. TypeEMG
LogDocument added by LT/JW, 10:11:1994.
Word Count884
TranscriptFebruary 15th 1858

Dear Brother,

I send you a few lines hoping the will find
you and family in good health as the leave me and
family in at present thanks be to God for all his
loving mercies to us. Your Brothers and families are
all well in health and so are all your cosin [cousins?] and
families. I must mention them by wholesail [wholesale?] for
they are a numerous progeny. In a few weeks the will come up
to 90 in name and number. Dear Br. [Brother?] I have got no
word from Paul this year, the last letter he said he
would leave Australia, I am hoping to be spare to see
him. My son Wm. [William?] lives about 50 miles from
this place, he was seeing us six weeks this day, is
well and wife and child. I am sorry I have to let you
know of the Death of John Doyle, he Died in October last,
a man much regretted by all that knew him, and that was a
vast number, for he was Town Clerke [clerk?] and was allowed
the best in the Province, it was worth very near 300
pounds pr. [per?] year, he has a great deal of writing to do,
for the Town council sat every Day. We had a very
mild winter untill [until?] last week we got snow and the slays
[sleighs?] is in full run now. Our markets is very cheap, best
fall wheat 3s pr Bushele [Bushel?] of 60 pounds, Oats from 8d.
pr. Bl of 34 pounds, Beef from 16s to 20s pr
Ht. [Hundred?] of 100 pounds, Pork from 18s to 22s pr. Do. I
give the price in your money as you will understand
it better. Stock of all kinds is more than one third
in price cheaper than last year and so is land. Many
has run to ruin by speculation in Land where the had
to Borrow money, hire as the call it here went as far
as 30pr cent and in some cases above it which caused
some to cross the line, which the can do in a few hours
by Rail Road. We have got to [two?] of Mr Gregston's sons
(formerly Printer in Enniskillen) to London. There
Mothr [Mother?] lives in Brooksborrow [Brookeborough?], and
a Mr Scott who is married to a Daughter of James Scott tanner
of Enniskillen. They are in partnership, the are very well
liked. One of the Mr Gregstons is gone to England for
goods. You can let the Lunnys of Cloon know I am a
live and Mr Jas. [James?] Copeland as the have an Interest in
my existence. Let me know if the build the church in
Mulrod and pull Down the old one. Let me know if my
sisters are living and well, and their families. You
will remember Margaret and I to Wm McMullen and his
sister and let us know if the are well, and to Miss
Rebbeca Armstrong. Let us know how she lives, or is
her in Lisbellaw. Remember to Thomas Lindsay, I am
glad to hear of his well doing. Remember us to Wm
Betty and all our Tamlaght old neighbours. You will
ask Mr Jonny [Johnny?] Clegg if he gets any word from
his Uncle James if he mentions Paul in them. Let me know how
the Blacks is doing and all my old friends. I
heard the Johnstons was left Tamlagh, let me know
whether or not. Let me know who is in Mr Halls place
[page missing,]
my sister in law Eliaeas [Elizabeth's?] husbant [husband?],
who is going to Ireland
for the good of his health he is a man that is
well of in this Country, and well rispected [respected?]
he will call to see you and John Kirkpatrick if his health
permites; [permits?] and if he shoud [should?] stop a Day or
two with you any kindness you show him, for my sake shall be
remembered by me for he is Deserving of it. I would have
wroute [wrote?] you a letter with Mr Gregston but he went
a way sooner than I thought he told me that he caled [called?]
and saw you and that you and famely [family?] were well. Josef
[Joseph?] sent you a letter since and has got no anser [answer?];
he is very unasay [uneasy?] to hear something of Paul, the past
month has ben [been?] the wettest that I have seen since I come
to America; the past year has been a year of much diffulty
farming produce sell for the one half that it did last
year give my best respects to all my old neighbours
that is still alive; allso [also?] to Gorge [George?]
Carrothers and fameley [family?]. You will be pleased
to send me a leter [letter?] giving me a full account
of all my old neighbours that is worth retailing; margaret
and I join in love to you and Besse
Your truley [truly?]
Nathaniel Carrothers.

I send with the bearer my likenes [likeness?]
and Margrets and that of my oldest daughter
taken the day Mr Olifer [Oliver?] leaves London You
will excuse the scribl [scribble?] as it is Done in
heast [haste?] as I did not write it till I went
into London no more at present but remain
Nathaniel Carrothers

Postmarked Lisnaskea Jy [July 15 1858 E
Enniskillen M Jy [July?] 16 58 [1858?]