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Title: John Carse, Pennsylvania to "Brother Samuel."
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCarse, John/5
SenderCarse, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationmerchant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginErie, Penn., USA
DestinationCo. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientCarse, Samuel
Recipient Gendermale
SourceDonated by Mrs. I.J. Beattie, 120 Carsonstown Rd., Lisowen, Saintfield, Ballynahinch, Co. Down, BT24 7JN
ArchiveUlster American Folk Park.
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Word Count765
TranscriptErie Feb 6th 1866

Brother Samuel
as we Have about got
the Buisinefs [business?] of 1865 nearly Settled up I
thought it was about time to write you afew [a few?]
lines Navy gation [navigation?] kept open longer this
season than usual I Loaded the last vesell [vessel?] on
the 10th of December and it was about the 20th before
we got all vesells [vessels?] in and Laid up Ice
began to make then and Has continued to Freeze
nearly ever since Ice now is about 18 inches thick
as I said before Buisinefs [business?] of all kinds
commenced very dull last Spring on account of the
Disturbed State of the Country and the Sudden
termination of the War but I am Happy to Say that
[damaged line]
is well satisfied with the Balance Sheet for
the Past Season My [Jugs?] interest Brought
me in a Clear Profit of $2,600 after all
Expenses was Paid the Schr [Schooner?] Wings of the
Wind Cleared $5,000 the one Half of that I Received
Making a Profit on what I Had invested on
in floating Properity [property?] five thousand one
Hundred Dollars for the year 1865
Capt Christie and I thinks about
Buying another vesell [vessel?] it is a Good
Paying investment and I can allways [always?]
attend to them and get them a Good freight
in Erie and get a good yearly Salary
Besides Capt Christie is a good man
to Look after the Sailing part we Chartered
the Wings of the Wind Last fall to Parties
in Erie to Bring down a Cargo of flour
from Chicago got 2,400 for the trip
down and the [they?] take the flour out of the
vesell [vessel?] there at there [their?] own Expenses
I would rather own one Half a Good vesell [vessel?]
on the Lakes Here as own any Farm of
Land you could Show me of the farth [farthest?]
Hill that is out of Lease or nearly so
[damaged line]
More with them than any three farmers
in Lisowen and is not afraid of my
Landlord agent or Baliff we dont
Have no Such People Prowling round
Here looking into what the [they?] Made and
raise the Rent accordingly why dont the Half
of the folks Leave and Come to the States
as the [they?] are Coming out of Canada by
thousands Indeed I Sent you a Draft from
William Ray of five Pounds to give
to His Mother tell Her that he is well
and Busy every day He is about buying
a House and Lot with the Money He saved
in the army I also send you six
Pounds to give to Mother she will
Please Hand Each of Her Little Namesakes
one Pound a Peice [piece?] for me to Buy a little
Present with when the [they?] get old enough
She Must not forget Archys John
and Georges Little [Mamma?]
I Sent a little present to David and
John down to Louisville at New Years
I would like to Have aletter [a letter?]
from you Soon and let me know How James is
I sent Him Several Newspapers but got no
[damaged line]
and Shipped nearly one Hundred thousand
tons of Coal from I Returned last Spring
untill [until?] the Close of Navy gation
[navigation?] So you May Guess it took a
Good many men and Quick work early and Late
men averaged last Summer about 3.50 Per day
not Quite as much as we Payed them
in War terms I kept about 80 Men
I Hope Mother Enjoys Good Health
and is not affected with that Sever [severe?]
Cold I Had aletter [a letter?] from Thomas lately
all well He Said Tillie Had aletter [a letter?]
from Miss J D Cleland saying that Her father and
Her Aunt Miss Cleland was very unwell I Hope the
[they?] are both better as I Have nothing till do
now for the remainder of the [damaged]
ride round I may take a trip down to see
Thomas and family ventured to go out
soon to Mercer County to See William
Jamison James Reid and George
Henry Boal He lives Some Part in Ohio
I want to See Several of the Coal Banks when
I am down there I Hear there is a Good vein
of Coal in Wm [William?] Jamisons farm if so He
[damaged line]
Me at Present I never Had better
Health write soon and let me know
all news from Friends and Neighbours
I wish them all good Health Long
Life and Prosperity let me Hear from
Mother often Excuse this Hasty Scribble
from your wellwishing
Brother John Carse