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Title: 19. From James Prendergast to his son Thomas
CollectionThe Prendergast Letters. Correspondence from Famine-era Ireland (1840-50) [S. Barber]
SenderPrendergast, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMilltown, Co. Kerry, Ireland
DestinationBoston, Mass., USA
RecipientPrendergast, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count560
Genrecorrespondence, family, neighbours, politics
TranscriptMr Cornelius Riordan
No 22 Atkinson Street
Boston Mass
December 6th 1844

Milltown December the 6th 1844

My Dear Thomas, I received your welcome letter
of the 15th November last which gave me, your affectionate
mother and Brothers and their families the greatest
pleasure of finding you all in as good health as
this leaves me your beloved mother Brothers and families
at present thanks to Divine providence for all his Graces.
Dear Thomas you alledge great blame to me
about my neglect in writing. I always write to ye regularly
and speedily whatever may be the delay in the offices.
I even sent ye a letter on the 20th of November last in which
all matters relative to our being well and the reception
of your check of £5..os.od stg. was mentioned in same.
Dear Thomas, you speak of death being amongst us.
We have no case of the kind thank God. I and your
Beloved mother are well and strongly living still, tho
in truth we would have died long since by all reason
were it not for ye Dear children that are nourishing us
in our old and feeble days. May God thro his infinite
graces give you all the greatest comfort and happiness.
Dear Thomas I expect we will live untill we enjoy that
one comfort of seeing you all together at Home.
(Turn over)
Dear Thomas, I beg of you to let me know in your next
letter to whom did you leave the Box which you got from
your Brother John at leaving the country as a few nights
ago some difference arose between your Brother John and Mich1
about the Box John having seen the key of the Box with
Michl he said that the key was the actual key of the
Box which he gave you at your departure. Michl denied
it. Therefore to quell all disunion let me know to
whom did you leave the Box. About your ages your
Brother Jeffeory's age being 28 years the 27th of May last
your own age being 25 years the 29th of last May. Dear
Thomas we are most anxious to know your anx^c^iety for
your ages as we cannot conceive the reason therefore
let me know in your next letter. Dear Thomas Daniel
Riordan is well in health and in the same situation
still in the Victoria Hotel Killarney. Dear Thomas it
me the greatest pleasure of hearing the Fords being well
and doing well. Your Aunt Kate is perfectly satisfied
to go to that country if she is sent for as I got a letter
from her from Cork some time past. Mr Spring and family
are all well in health. Dear Thomas about the Repeal
the Liberator Danl OConnell and his associates say that we
will actually have the Repeal tho in truth it is dangerous
Because there are some of our Irish for the Repeal
others for Federal Parliament therefore it is doubtful
what time we will have it as they are not altogether
for the repeal. If they were we certainly would have
it and no mistake. No more at present from your
affectionate Father mother and Brothers who join
with me in love and friendship to Cornelius Riordan
Julia Riordan Jeffeory and Thomas Prendergast until
Death. James Prendergast