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Title: 42. From Elizabeth Prendergast to her children in Boston
CollectionThe Prendergast Letters. Correspondence from Famine-era Ireland (1840-50) [S. Barber]
SenderPrendergast, Elizabeth
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMilltown, Co. Kerry, Ireland
DestinationBoston, Mass., USA
RecipientPrendergast children
Recipient Gendermale-female
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count446
Genremoney, family
TranscriptMr Jeffery Prendergast
69 Southstreet Boston
State of Massachusetts
N. America


Milltown 10th November 1849

My dear Children
Yesterday I received the amt of your Order, sent
in your letter of the 4th of October last. Mr Quill, Director
of the National ^Provincial^ Bank is as good friend to me as he was
to your father. He said that he would always cash for me,
as often as often as I should want it, tho it was on
the National Bank no matter where when the order was
good. I need ^not^ say I am thankful for what ye send me at all
times and that I reel more pleasure on receiving an account
of the welfare of my children and their families than any
gift I could get myself. Thank God that I am ye ^are well. I am well thank God and so are all the friends, Michael's Wife and
children and Maurice and Family. I received the amt of the check
ye sent in may last and I returned an answer (I believe)
twice over. Michael's Wife received the amt of her
order in due time and replied directly. I suppose he has
received it long before this. My dear Children It is un
=necessary for me to say that ^I am^ really sorry for what ye
lost by the failure of your employer, but it is useless to
despair. Ye could not foresee nor avoid it. Ye cannot
avoid it ^blame yourselves^, therefore, do not fret too much. God is good
and will reward the honest man. May God
bless and help ye. I have one thing to tell ye.
Last year The Revd Mr Buckley published a
station here, and your father received him. He has
done the same now and will be with me
tomorrow, and if it cost £5 I would not
refuse receiving him. Reply to this as soon
as you can and tell how every one of ye and
and your families are situated and what Julia
and Con are doing. Maurice begs you will tell him
what particular trade James Maurice is bound
to. Tell James his mother is displeased for not
writing to her. She could expect nothing else yet.
They cannot understand what a Mechanist is
is in your Country, for here we call all good
tradesmen Mechanics. Tell Michl that his
Wife paid Michl Ginna the little that was due
to him. I will say only that I send my blessing to
each of ye young and old and not forgetting Con and Julia
and that I am affectionately
your Mother
Elizabeth Prendergast