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Title: Sarah Ann Adams, Alby City to Elizabeth Gamble, Harriottsville
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileAdams, Sarah Ann/2
SenderAdams, Sarah Ann
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAlby City (Albany, NY?), USA
DestinationHarriottsville, Penn., USA
RecipientGamble, Elizabeth
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceThe Kelly Family Documents: Copyright Retained by The Ulster American Folk Park
ArchiveThe Ulster American Folk Park
Doc. No.300094
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Miss E Gamble
Bower Hill
Pa [Pennsylvania?]

February the 8 1842 Alby City

Dear E
I presume you are very angry with me
for not writing to you before now but
perhaps if I make two or three apologies
you will excuse me, I had not time christmas
day or I would have writen [written?] then
and since I have not had an oportunity
[opportunity?] of sending it to you - you may
be sure if I had as good a post Boy as I
formerly had I would write oftener (sic),
than I do at present, you gave me a lecture
in your last [letter?] for not writing you a
letter, if you desired me to write letters
instead of notes, why didn't you set the
example, but be it as it may, I will set the
example for you - and the next writing I recive
[receive?] from you I will expect to hear a fine
bit of County news more remember than I recived
[received?] before, although I am unable to give
a great deal, but I will tell you all I know
one thing I heard that Mr Williams has departed
for S-th [South?] but I am unable to say
for a certainty whether it is so or not but rather
think it is, if it be true why did not some of you
gals detain him and not let him go so far to get a
wife for I heard he was a beau of yours and Miss
Civil so why dont [don't?] one of you mary [marry?]
him and not have him roving about so long, you talk
of love by the bushil [bushel?], now I want to know
in your next how many bushel of unadulterated love
he gives you, or which you or Miss C gets the most.
Oh dear love he must have for you when he can give it
by the bushel I was going to say something more about
him but I think I have said enough already, and I might
ofend [offend?] your ladyship if I would say anything
more about him - You never thought it worthwhile in your
last to tell me anything about Mr B pray how does he
get along. I would love to see him Dearly well, but
what do you think he was in ally not long since and he
would not take the trouble to walak [walk?] two rod to
see moi now was not that clever of my old friend Mr B,
if you do not think so I do, but perhaps he forgets that
there is such a person in ally as I, has he got that old
wig of his worn out yet, I think it will soon be time
for him to dry up and blow off, you wished to know
something about the City lads, in jeneral [general?]
those that I am acquainted with are verry [very?]
interesting and handsome, in particular the one I
admire the most I will give you a description of him
he is a tall fine figure very graceful and polite,
large dark eyes, fair hair and natural not false.
fair complexion but rather pale; he is worth
considerable property, he has a good education,
and in good standing in socity [society?], so what
better [bears?] would you want and a thousand
other things I would tell you if I could see you
personally you have no idea how much pleasure
I have and how much pleased I would be to see you,
I declare it seems like an age to me since I
seen you, why in the world do you not come
to town and not stay there dreaming all winter, if
you would come in and stay a week what fine fun we
would have going out together I am spending the
winter far more pleasantly than I spent the summer
on account of me being better acquainted now than I
was when we came here, We are going to move the
first of april about 3 quarters of a mile from where
we now live, I have not saw the house yet but from
what they say I think it is a very pretty
place, Rachel thinks that you might of writen
[written?] to her - her and I would like to gout [out?]
and see all our old neighbours if we had an
opertunity [opportunity?], I will expect an answer
to this soon, give my love to your Mother and enquiring
yours truly Sarah [188 Hill?]
E Groble

Mother and all the rest are well and they
send their love to you all