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Title: Patrick Catherwood, Co. Down, to James Gamble, California.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileCatherwood, Patrick/37
SenderCatherwood, Patrick
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Down, N.Ireland
DestinationCalifornia, USA
RecipientGamble, James
Recipient Gendermale
SourceD/3305/1/2: Deposited by Dr. K. A. Miller
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9805361
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Doc. TypeLTE
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Word Count1060
TranscriptMagherascouse [Magheracouse ?] aguest [August?] the
12 yr 1855

Dear Cuson [cousin?] we recived [received?] your
too [two?] letters and I rote [wrote?] to you but
you say that you Did not get it and know [now?] I rite
[write?] to you another I hope [I hope?] youd get it
Dear fraind [friend?] we thought a Great Deal of you
riting [writing?] to us the reson [reason?] that we wer
[were?] so long of ritin [writing?] to you was your
mother was with us aweek [a week?] before wee [we?]
got the last leeter [letter?] from you and i took
[I took?] the leter [letter?] in to belfast as you
requisted [requested?] to brother Abel and let him see
it and is [as?] a [I?] seen [saw?] your mother that Day
she told me that she had posted aleeter [a letter?] to
you and had put in it that wee [week?] weas [was?] all
well thanks be to God for it ther [there?] is no alleres
[illness?] here with us yet it is not while to marre
[mar?] hear [here?] Magherascouse [Magheracouse ?] is
as bad as ever it was and worse if you send of that
[-----?] that is so plent [plenty?] with you the [there?]
may will som [some?] of us Go to you ithink [I think?] it
is the best place that wee [we?] Coul [could?] Go to ther
[there?] is Great Deal of Death in this place since you
were in it hugh megraw Elisabeth Smith and David mathew
[Matthew?] william Gambel [Gamble?] is Dead and hugh
Gambel [Gamble?] son James is Dead
and a Great Deal more if you think that it [torn] be
better the [there?] would too [two?] of us go to you sarah
and thomas will go to you this place is not Good know
[now?] there is vere [very?] Little for work hear [here?]
I think if sarah my self was ther [there?] with you that
icould [I could?] make money you have not Got marred
[married?] yet we must send you over Asweet [A sweet?]
hart [heart?] the [there?] ar [are?] so few ther [there?]
with you the [there?] are plenty hear [here?] yet the
[there?] are non [none?] of Robert Wallas [Wallace?]
famely [family?] at hom [home?] but Alexander the Going
away to America For my part ican [I can?] say no more to
you at present till isee [I see?] you God be with you
remain your Cuson [cousin?] Sarah Catherwood till Death

Patrick Catherwood ik now [I now?] lift up my pen to
Adress [address?] you from the your old Contrary
[country?] iwas [I was?] very Glad to hear of you Doing
so very well we are all Glad to think that you respect
us so moutch [much?] as to rite [write?] your to [two?]
letters to us Andrew never sent aline [a line?] to wan
[one?] of us there is now Word from William this long
time that i hear you wanted to know the perticulars
[particulars?] of this contrary [country?] william boys
and samuel teel [Steel?] is both transported for Life
for areap [a rape?] upon James Gorges [Georges?] wife
she is heartin [hurting?] to [---?] on Name on saterday
[Saturday?] nit [night?] June 7 he is John boys son it
hapned [happened?] in Carragmanon Vermont John Gromans
iwill [I will?] send you a new letter to let you know
the markets william fitche wants to kow [know?] if ther
[there?] is any thing new [stained] ther [there?] many
athing [a thing?] hase [has?] hapened [happened?] since
he went away Ann morrw [Morrow?] is marred [married?]
your brother give not to me for to send to you i [torn]
in the Letter that isent [I sent?] to you you Did not
Get it the [they?] ar [are?] all wee for any thing
that ihear [I hear?] Dear Cuson [cousin?] Let me know
if you will ever come home or if you will marre
[marry?] in that place wheare [where?] the gold is
plent [plenty?] i would Like Dearly well to see you
many time [times?] iwonder [I wonder?] if iwill
[I will?] ever spend anight [a night?] with you or not
brother abel is always workin [working?] to him self
he is savin [saving?] all that he can to him self ther
[there?] is Little to be saved in Magheracouse Let me
kow [know?] if you ever seen [see?] henerry [Henry?]
Kerce in ohia [Ohio?] he was hom [home?] since he went
away and was to look for you Thomas Gibsons boy is at
the Gold mine in Califoruia [California?] if you
wanted to send them aletter [a letter?] iwill [I will?]
Give you the Derections [directions?] of them Jacob
Gibson iocary hill place or County Califoruia
[California?] ther [their?] father got your Letter and
says that he will send your Derections [directions?] to
them the [they?] might Look for it ther [there?] is six of
them in it at present time so know [now?] Dear Cuson
[cousin?] you may rite [write?] if you Like you mite
[might?] get ther [their?] Letter first thomas is very
fond of going to you to the Gold digin [digging?] if you
send agood [a good?] Letter to him he told your mothe
[mother?] that he would be with you if God would speare
[spare?] him yet the money that are erning [earning?]
Dose [does?] temp [tempt?] him he thinks that if he was
ther [there?] he would have the full of seek before that
he would be Long ther [there?] with you
John wallas [wallace?] is marred [married?] and mary
wallas [Wallace?] on James Mecaking [Meekin?] your
Cuson [cousin?] Sally ann is Alive yet Dear James
ihop [I hope?] that God will bless you and take car
[care?] of you although in astreang [a strange?] land
that imit [I might?] never see ther [there?] is may [many?]
wan [one?] Came to see the Letters that Came from you ican
[I can?] sas [say?] nomore [no more?] to you we All Joines
[join?] in send [sending?] our kind Loov [love?] to you ant
[and?] send hur [our?] best respect to you like wise
Nomore [no more?] atpresent [at present?] but remans
[remains?] your Cuson [cousin?] to Death Patrick
Catherwood rite [write?] as soo [soon?] as this comes to
hand if you please rite to Patrick Catherwood of
Magheracouse nomore [no more?]
God [good?] boy [bye ?]