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Title: Greacen (n. Sinton), Margaret to William & Anne O'Brien, 1832
CollectionThe Transatlantic Letters of an Irish Quaker Family_1818-1877 [B. Jackson]
SenderGreacen (n. Sinton), Margaret
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionQuaker
OriginPhiladelphia, Penn., USA
DestinationLake Erie, NY, USA
RecipientWilliam & Anne O'Brien
Recipient Gendermale-female
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Word Count695
TranscriptPhiladelphia 7 mo 23rd 32

My Dear Cousins
We received yours in reply to the one I wrote before we left New York, which was truly acceptable; and I find by
it you are more contented than our friends at home imagined. The canal was so long before it was navigable and
our cash not very plenty to take us any other way, James came here the beginning of 4 mo and got into employment
in a printing office at 7 Dollars a week, where he has continued ever since. I followed him 3 weeks after and was
3 weeks here before I made myself known to any of my relations here.
We went one first day evening to Cousin James Greeves's and Cousin M. chanced to be there. They seemed
pleased to see us, and he requested we would go often and not wait for him to call, as he was so constantly engaged
in his lumber yard. But we never went, since he lives about 4 or 5 minutes walk from this and knows where we
live and I think might find time in the course of 9 or 10 first days to call and ask me how I am, but I need not
think. I have a Cousin Tho' Greeves of Dungannon here who thought very little of leaving his business and coming
18 miles a morning and returning same evening to spend only a piece of a day with me and see how I was getting
along. Cousin Mary spent the following first day with me after I had been at James1 and a few days after went 5
miles into the country to keep house for a very sick old (bachelor) friend. She calls when she comes to town and
seems well pleased with her situation. She desires her love to you.
I got a letter from Cousins (Susanna & Jane) by the Josephine the last time she came and they mentioned
having written you same time. I wrote in reply by last months Packet of the 20th to let them know we were come
here. They wished me to keep up a correspondence with you and write to them often about you - they are not
satisfied you write so seldom to them. Of course you have heard of the Cholera, it has carried off great numbers
in New York the last 3 weeks and is hourly expected to make its appearance here. The papers state that it is in
Buffalo and at the falls of Niagara. I hope it may not reach you. We have been invited to James' Uncle Walter
Greacens in New Jersey, 70 miles from this and 46 from New York, in case it comes here and that we are afraid
1 spent 2 weeks there very agreeably in 3 mo last. He has a fine farm, has a very agreeable wife (an American) and
3 daughters. I should dearly like to live near them: they would in a good degree make up for the loss of some of
my Cousins [at] home. I want you to write to us immediately and let us know how you are, for I intend, if nothing happens to prevent me, to write by the Packet of the 20th of next mo, but must first hear from you as I know they will be uneasy when
the news goes to them of the Cholera being in this country. James sent you a paper about 10 days ago. It is printed
in the ... where he works. I think that tithes will soon be done away in Ireland] and it is time. I understand
Jacob Green has arrived on 7th day last in this City on a religious visit to this country. I hear he is at Cousin James
Direct your letter to Tames Greason. Post office, Philadelphia Pensylvania. How ... [I wish] I could see you but
it is a vai[n] ... [hope] at present. I am with dear ... [love] which James unites

your aff... Cousin
Margaret Greason [sic]

(No. 176 5th st south). We think of leaving this lodging soon, as it does not suit us.