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Title: O'Brien (n.Greeves), Anne to O'Brien (n. Kelley), Prudence, 1860
CollectionThe Transatlantic Letters of an Irish Quaker Family_1818-1877 [B. Jackson]
SenderO'Brien (n.Greeves), Anne
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionQuaker
OriginDansville, NY, USA
DestinationCollins, Lake Erie, NY, USA
RecipientO'Brien (n. Kelley), Prudence
Recipient Genderfemale
Relationshipmother-in-law - daughter-in-law
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count817
Genrefamily news, stay in Dansville for a treatment
TranscriptDansville 7 of 4th mo I860

Dear Prudence
Thee will see by the date where I am. I came here a week ago today, Maria along. She staid until second day morn
and left with 10 or 12 of the patients1017 that had spent the winter here. They have had as many as they had the
winter we were to the Glen, if not more; and what a beautiful place they have got to be sure, and every thing in
the best style and order: but I imagine people have to pay for it. I have made no bargain as I did not expect to stay
very long: thought I wd pay them what ever they charge me. It seemed lonely for the first few days but I am getting
acquainted a little: as Mrs Hank say, they people dont associate together as they used to at the Glen. She done know
how it is: the Girls, or rather young women, stay in their rooms and, when they go walking, go by theirselves or
in groups. They have but one parlour and there the Gentlemen generally congregate. Seldom or ever see a lady,
only as they stop a few minutes to play cards for it is not hours. Giles J. [Jackson, the Doctor's son] is very poorly: he has been confined to his room this 4 months, so Dr.
Donavan told me: bur they think he will be out again. The old man Wright is dead and Mrs Coble also; Jesse
Maud is about to be married to Edna Shotwell and going to settle in Ill. near her cousin's. Lammes is gone to
Germany and forsook Hattie Tucker altho they were engaged. He was an unprincipaled man and she reels glad
she found him out before it was too late: this Simmons told me.
I intend getting a few of the back numbers of the "Laws" to send to Maria (I have my meals in my room once
a day). You must have a chance to see them, and when I go home I must subscribe for it. I dont know how long
I will stay: I expect it is hard for Cortes to get money to give me. I have but about 19 dollars and I hate to offer
it to them as I dont think it W1 pay for my first two weeks, as they charge very high for their best room. I have
one to myself on the second floor, which is very convinent to the water &c &c being on the same floor. I feel the
best to day I have since I came. I have been trying to be too smart, but to day I have kept stiller. I have no occasion
to go out to walk: there are so many piazzas. Spaulding is here in that Cottage that was built for him: he is not
at [all?] well, been sick all winter. R. D. says she dont think he will ever be well - she is staying with him a while
now, she ... all winter.
Every one here that knew you make a great deal of inquiring after you. I could write thee a good deal of one
thing or other but must keep it untill I see thee. I think that I could follow out there plan at home - or rather at
your house - that they have prescribed for me, that is to be dry rubbed every morning on rising and take about
2 bathes pr week. The first did not agree with me at all: it was a ½ bath at 90 degre reduced; and now I have a
wash off or common towel bath, done by some one beside myself; and I think we could manage if thee has a good
girl this summer to follow it out.
I wd tell thee to write but dont know how long I will stay, and you may not get this in some time. When I leave
here I intend going out to Evans. There has been here since I came a graduare from Falls [Niagara Falls?] chat is
going into the "town" that Mary Bryant was in, at Alfred, Allegany Co. [PA]. I asked he[r] some thing about it,
but had not fixed on their price &c &c. It is near Thom[a]sville, 1 miles from a station [Alfred Station]. Her
name is Augusta Fairchild: I got her address - 1 liked her appearance. Inclosed I send Joseph a weather table which
will be usefull to him if he can understand it. I took it from one that Buel got up some year or two ago. I happened
to put in my trunk so send it. It [is] almost dinner time (that is 2 oclock) so will conclude: with love to all

Thy affct

The young people call me Grandma Sinton as they did at the Glen.