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Title: O'Brien (n.Greeves), Anne to O'Brien (n. Kelley), Prudence, 1860
CollectionThe Transatlantic Letters of an Irish Quaker Family_1818-1877 [B. Jackson]
SenderO'Brien (n.Greeves), Anne
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender ReligionQuaker
OriginDansville, NY, USA
DestinationCollins, Lake Erie, NY, USA
RecipientO'Brien (n. Kelley), Prudence
Recipient Genderfemale
Relationshipmother-in-law - daughter-in-law
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count767
Genrestaying in Dansville for a treatment, news of family and friends
TranscriptDansville 29 of 4 mo - 1860

Dear Prudence
When I wrote thee last, did not ask thee to write, as I did [not] know how long I wd stay: but my 4 weeks are out
that I thot I wd stay. The Dr says I must nor think of going, that only for him I wd have been in my grave long
ago, and I must content myself and I will do well. There mode of treatment of me is quite different from when
at the Glen. Very little bathing; of rubbing a great deal, particularly on my side & stomach; my last weeks
prescriptions was such with fomantions [fomentations] on those parts it stirs up the bile, I think, for my bowels
are affected some at present. Dr [Wilson] Hurd is very attentive and seems to feel interested to have me better; Dr
Jackson says if I could stay 5 month he wd make a stronger woman of me, or in his way a young one. I dont know
what my expenses are a week yet. I feel bad not to have my money at command: it is so disagreeable to "be asking
for" it and others knowing how much I spend, it is not going to do me half the good it should. I wish it was in
Joseph's power to help me to some.
I dont know whether you are aware that Miller has had something of a stroke or shock that has disabled him
from any kind of business, sometime before I left; and M. writes me he has not been to the store yet, not much
suffering but just like a little child. Cortes felt bad about him, for fear he might never recover. I must not have
this long a letter, as it hurts me every letter I write, though I could fill a large sheet. But one thing I want to write
before I forget it: the Dr asked me die other morning when I heard from you, and I told him and at the same time
said you wd like for to get some from here to attend your convention in June. Well, said he, tell them I will be on
handles exactly. Simmons said to me before this the the Dr was going to write to you for to tell you that if you
wd get him a good house and large audience, he wd go on his own expences. So you may look for him if he
knows the time; and you must try and get a good audence.
H Austin [Dr. Jackson's adopted daughter, Harriet, also a doctor] has been very sick with this epidemic that so
many have had. Mrs Handke[?] say H has not been well all spring: she looks old and very thin. Mother J has recoverd so as to be about again. I came in the worst time I could, change of Dr and change
of hands and cleaning house ever since I came. Mother J. feels as if I was not as well attended for the first 2 weeks
as I should. Miss or Dr Dinez, Dr Glass and Dr Jones, besides Mrs Hurd, all left that had been here all winter. Dr
Hurd has been gone attending lectures. He is returned with a Dr York that was in N. Y. with him.
You must do your best with the flower bed: intersperse those seeds, or rather part of them, all over; have some
lettuce and that parsley seed sown soon. I was glad to hear J [Joseph] had sent for those plants thee wrote me about.
I was very sorry to hear of John Smith [Bartlett] & Marys loss: no one knows better than me those trials - I
lost 2 little children. I am glad Father & Mother [Azel and Rebecca Kelley] has a home of their own and hope they
will enjoy themselves. Write me a long letter. Where is Sarah? I wish J Bartlett could come. They must give her
time this summer so she can live out of doors all the time. The house is filling up again: they expect a great many
this summer- one or two almost daily come. I dont know how long I will stay: I wish you wd tell me what to do.

They here have just began to build a new bath house; there other is not near large enough and the men and all
bath in [it], but at separate hours of course. We had a lecture from the

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