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Title: O'Donnell, Annie to Phelan, James, 1901
CollectionYour Fondest Annie: Letters from Annie O'Donnel to James P.Phelan [A. O'Donnell]
SenderO'Donnell, Annie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationchildren's maid
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew York, NY, USA
DestinationIndianapolis, Indiana, USA
RecipientPhelan, James
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count371
Genrereminiscing, news
Transcript4th September, 1901
New York, N.Y.
c/o W. L. Mellon
4616 Bayard St. E.E.
Pittsburgh, Pa

Dear Jim,
I am alone and lonely tonight in the crowded city of New York.
Mrs. Mellon and I are here on a shopping tour, but will return later
in the week to Spring Lake to bid our final farewells to that
delightful and (to me) eventful region. Well, Jim, I could see by
your last letter that I must have made you feet quite hurt. Now I am
awfully sorry, for as Ellen told me, I should not have recalled bitter
memories. It is for one reason that I put on paper exactly the thing
which comes foremost at the time of writing that I have come to
almost hate it. When I read your letter, I felt a pang and would have
undone that which I did if it were only possible. Of course I must
say that I never look at the bright side of things notwithstanding
the many times I have been told it. You told me to remember you as the Lad. No, Jim, I will remember
you as a kind friend who helped me along when I needed help
most. I am one of these that never give up the old for the new. If you
do a kind turn for me once, I shall never forget it.
Last week was quite a lovely one at Spring L. We had the Irish
Rifle Association who came with Sir T. Lipton to compete with the
American. My! but it was nice to see them, and to think they were
directly from our dear Isle. They did fine, beat the Americans at
the first contest. The shooting takes place on the camping grounds,
an extensive place especially for the soldiers during the months of
July and August where they drill.
Now it is quite late and am feeling tired after my trip as you can
see by this scribble. I will close hoping to hear from you very soon
and write one addressed to Pittsburgh. It will be forwarded to me.
I don't know the Mountain address yet. With my very kindest
regards to you, Jim. I remain as before, Annie