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Title: O'Donnell, Annie to Phelan, James, 1902
CollectionYour Fondest Annie: Letters from Annie O'Donnel to James P.Phelan [A. O'Donnell]
SenderO'Donnell, Annie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationchildren's maid
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMiami, Florida, USA
DestinationIndianapolis, Indiana, USA
RecipientPhelan, James
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count413
Genreaccount of Miami
TranscriptHotel Royal Palm
Miami, Florida
March 14th 1902

My dear Jim,
You see by the above address we are no longer at Rockledge. We left
there about the 26th Feb. and are now stationed at the Royal Palm
Hotel, Miami, a place about 350 miles further south. Rockledge was
a beautiful place but sinks into nothing where Miami is concerned.
In the first place, it is not such a favourite place being on a
cheaper scale whilst this place is actually the centre of gaiety and
wealth. The big hotel with its beautiful gardens and tropical fruits
and flowers all in one is an earthly paradise. We are only a short way
from Cuba and the West Indies, so if we keep on, we will soon be at
the equator. I tell you it feels like that now, for dressed in the
lightest summer wear, we are almost baked. I often say to Ellen, 'Is
roasting to death or freezing to death the worst?'
Anyhow, we are having a delightful time, lots more company to
help pass away the time, lots of both indoor and outdoor amusements
and music at different times during the day and always at
night. It is a grand band employed by all the hotels of the Flagler
We are situated directly on the Bay whilst the ocean is only a
short distance across. This is the home of the coconut, dates,
bamboo etc. We saw some Indians a few days ago. They live out in
the woods about ten miles from here. We have lots of driving, have a carriage most afternoons. Sometimes we visit very interesting
places. One in particular was where the soldiers of the Spanish-
American War camped.
We have a dear little church here and a Jesuit Father, such a
home-like little place. He is the first Jesuit I met since I left my
good friend Rev. O'Donovan, S.J. in Galway.
This is a little souvenir of my Florida trip, to show you that
amongst all this gay, gorgeous place I don't forget, and I wish you
would write me soon as I may not be long here, and it takes so long
to reach us. I got your last letter all right being forwarded from
Rockledge. Must now finish and please excuse this scribble.
Address to the same old Annie

c/o W. L. Mellon
Hotel Royal Palm
Miami, Florida

P. S. Hope you will have a good Patrick's Day. Write very soon-