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Title: O'Donnell, Annie to Phelan, James, 1902
CollectionYour Fondest Annie: Letters from Annie O'Donnel to James P.Phelan [A. O'Donnell]
SenderO'Donnell, Annie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationchildren's maid
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSpring Lake, New Jersey, USA
DestinationIndianapolis, Indiana, USA
RecipientPhelan, James
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count385
Genreholiday, family, work
TranscriptSpring Lake
New Jersey
Sept. 1st

My dear Jim,
Enclosed you will find two pieces that will interest you when you
have spare time to read them. Are you not sorry you are not a
Pittsburgher? See how nice we are to the streecar men? I am sorry
not to have been there to see the fun, but as far as I can see, we have
no idea of leaving here. A week ago, they were planning to leave on the 17th. It is yet undecided whether we go to the country or not.
From the looks of Spring Lake at present, it is very evident that
its season is nearing a close. I think this has been the coolest summer
on record, and I guess the poor in large cities were glad of it. All of
us girls had a day off to New York and we certainly enjoyed it. It
was Mrs. Mellon's treat before going on a visit to Canada. She
came back a few days ago and presented each with a pretty pin
souvenir of the Coronation.'
I am glad your sister likes her new place, and I hope she will
prosper. If she makes A few friends, it will be sufficient. I hope you
won't take a notion and go there too. It sounds so far away.
Well, Jim, I am awfully glad you didn't happen to be one of
those unfortunate fellows who were discharged. Don't ever learn
to play those (craps). Just imagine a poor fellow working hard all
week long and then turn over his money to those horrid dens. It is
too bad, but as long as they exist, they will get lots of customers.
I have taken only a few pictures. It costs so much to have them
developed, but I may be able to take some before leaving. We took
the children to the ocean this morning. Maybe we didn't have a
great time. This surf was beautiful, and now that the equinoctials
have an effect on the Ocean making it appear like mountains. It
presents one of the most beautiful pictures. This lasts for about ten
days sometimes accompanied with very heavy rains and ocean
I think the Royal Palm opens about November and Mr. and
Mrs. are going to Florida […]