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Title: Mrs Lizzie Clark, Minneapolis, to her Sister Mrs Mary McKeown.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileClark, Lizzie/26
SenderClark, Lizzie
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginMinneapolis, Minnesota, USA
RecipientMcKeown, Mary
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceT 1456/4&6: Copied by Permission of J. Montgomery Esq., Belfast. #TYPE EMG Mrs Lizzie Clark, Minneapolis, to Her Sister Mrs Mary McKeown. July 1888.
ArchivePublic Record Office, N. Ireland
Doc. No.8910076
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Doc. TypeEMG
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Word Count954
July 17 1888

From Your Sister
Lizzie Clark
with a kiss

My Dear sister & brother I once
more take my pen in hand to
Write you a few lins [lines?] hopping [hoping?]
To find you all well as this
this leaves us all at preasant [present?]
only Maggie she hs [has?] being [been?] very
ill this last few weeks with
Winter Collar [cholera?] but she is getting
Better now she is staying with
me & she will have a home while
while i have on [one?] Dear brother & sister
we were mairret [married?] on the 20th
Day of June at half past
8 o clock in the morning
and had a mass said for
us both that is a rule hear [here?] to
have a mass for the marriet [married?]
cupple [couple?] we road [rode?] to Church
in the finest cover carrages [carriages?]
could be got in City we came
to our one [own?] house & had the
wedding ther [there?] we had [a?] big
time we had all kinds of eating
& drinking & evry [every?] one seme [seemed?]
to injoy [enjoy?] them selves [themselves?] but
I would like to have more of
my friends if the [they?] had to
come i did not have any
of Uncle James family for
for the [they?] would not come so
fare [far?] uncle & ant [aunt?] invited us
to come to madison & have
our wedding there but we
did go it took about 2
hundred Dellar [dollars?] to put our
wedding over we had cusan [cousin?] John &
his wife was groom is man [groomsman?] &
brider made [bridesmaid?] the [they?] were about
A month married then he is
aunt margret [Margaret's?] son lord rest
her sole [soul?] in hevan [heaven?], he is head
of the switch men on the
ralroad [railroad?] & can ern [earn?] about
90 dogalrs [dollars?] a month my bother
Mike disponited [disappointed?] us he was
to be groons man [groomsman?] but he could
Not get away on count [account?] of
the serkas [service?] being in town
he is still on the street car
but he has past [passed?] the examination
and is going on the fire
Apartment [Department?] he will have
80 Doglars [dollars?] per month
he is geting [getting?] from 12 to 13
per week on the car dear
sister & brother i am very happy
since i got married i got a very
good kind young man for a
husband he is a machine
Agant [Agent?] he had a house furnished
for to go to when i was maried [married?]
But i dont think we will stay
long in it for the rent is pretty
Hie [high?] & a smaller house would do
us as well dear sister uncle James
Eldast [Eldest?] daughter of 22 years of
Age was Marriet [married?] on the 30 of
May to an irish man from
Belfast he is 5 years in this
Country he works on the raylway [railway?]
and has good pay aunt & uncle
& cusans [cousins?] are all well
well dear sister i wish you had
been hear [here?] & brother Alick and
Dear little thomas henary [Henry?] & all
the rest of your sisters
Margret [Margaret?] & Maria on my wedding
Day i would have been
very happy but i will tell
you what i wore my dress
was dove color [colour?] silk & my hat was
mas [moss?] trimmed with mase [moss?] color [colour?]
ribbon and white & pink fethers [feathers?]
lined with white lace & white
[plach?] it cost me 10 doglars [dollars?] the
hat alone my gloves was mase [moss?]
also & tea rosas [roses?] for bokays [bouquets?]
we all looked very nice & maggie
had a new sute [suit?] for the wedding
also she thinks she will not
wate [wait?] mutch [much?] longer she had a
good chance since she came hear [here?]
But she did not Exept [accept?] becase [because?] he
was a widow [widower?] with one child she
is waiting for som [some?] old fellow with
lots of money well dear brother &
sister i have not herd [heard?] from thomas
yet but as soon as i hear from himm [him?]
i will tell you i do not kno [know?] mikes adress [address?]
of his bording [boarding?] house at preasant [present?] but if
you write to him & adress [address?] to me i
will give it to him well Dear sister
my husbant [husband's?] name is John
thomas Clark he is american
born but i think his grandfather
was irish desent [descent?] he is counted
a very hansom [handsome?] yon [young?] man
By evry [every?] one that sees him he is 26 years
of age his hair is dark brown & blue
iys [eyes?] & small feathers [features?] with a strayte [straight?]
nois [nose?] so that is what he is like you
told me to tell you in your letter he
says he will write next time &
his he sends his kind love to you all also
Maggie & i sends our kind
& fondest love to Margret [Margaret?] &
Maria we will sent you
our picture in the next letter
we send & would like to have yours
if you pospaly [possibly?] could send it
for i would like very much to
have them to put in my albom [album?]
Dear sister excuse me for
not writing to you sooner
But i will not be so long
with outh [out?] writing to you
again so i will say Good By [bye?]
this time write soon
let us know all the
News Maggie would like to
know if Gorge [George?] McCann
is married yet adress [address?] to
your ever faithful
11 19 3 Avenew [Avenue?]
sister lizzie Clark South
xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx