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Title: Doyle (n. Coogan), Margaret to Coogan (n. Nolan), Catherine, 1868
CollectionCarlow-Coogan Letters
SenderDoyle (n. Coogan), Margaret
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCarrigberg, Co. Carlow, Ireland
DestinationHarlem, NYC, USA
RecipientCoogan (n. Nolan), Catherine
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count517
Genrefamily, commentary on William's decision, correspondence, greetings

My dear Mother,

I am happy to hear from Brother William's letter the good health you are in and you look so well. I fear you are lonely after Mary but I hope it is only for a short time and that it will make poor Hugh and you more comfortable as I am sure that trade answers in Hugh. Tell Mary [Meany?] I hope she will do well. I am glad the boys are all working so convenient to you. I am sure they will abide by your order as they always did. I am glad Patrick and his child is so well and all my brothers and sister are well. I expect to see them all again please God. We have an increase in our family, a fine boy. He was born the first of July. I got him named William; I have such a regard for brother William.

My dear mother, I hope you are not dissatisfied with William for the choice he made. I am sure it is the will of God and I hope he will still persevere in his holy call. Mother, tell William not to fail in writing to me when he goes to his journey and I cannot say one word about us going to America now no more than when you were here, but I tell you as soon as ever we are in a way of going, we will, please God.

Don't ask William to stop [stay] too long. It would be a great pity to put him about from what I hope he is destined for. Luke sends his love to you and indeed he is not losing one moment of his time. He is so eager to be able to go to America. I had to keep the little girls from school this time back. I expect to send them soon again.

I expect you will continue writing to me, for that is the only comfort I have as you know it will keep up my spirits, and you may let me know what is best for me to be providing up to the time. The children is doing more good since they got William's letter than they did this length of time with the joy of going to America. They have all their trades regulated already, what each one is to take up.
I will not annoy you with too much. I hope you will soon write to me again. James and the children joins me in fondest love and believe me to be your kind and loving daughter,

Margaret Doyle

Don't let these notes be seen as I am scarcely able to write.

My Dear Mother, anything I was deficient of in my duty to my brother William in making him comfortable for the passage you will be good enough to consider me as I was not able to go to the town myself. God be with you all.

Added in pencil, large script: Don't forget writing to Peggy frequently.

Darby Nolan of Currenree and Catherine Clony was married the other day.