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Title: Coogan, James to his brothers, 1878
CollectionCarlow-Coogan Letters
SenderCoogan, James
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationrailway worker
Sender Religionunknown
OriginLincoln, Illinois, USA
DestinationHarlem, NYC, USA
Recipienthis brothers
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count384
Genregratitude for hospitality, sending gifts, greetings
TranscriptLincoln, Illinois
Sept. 5th, 1878

My Very Dear Brothers,

It is with pleasure that I write you these few lines hoping to find you all well as this leaves us at present.
I got to Chicago Friday evening at 7 o' clock and arrived at home Saturday morning at 3 o' clock. The children return their sincere thanks for the many beautiful presents sent them.
I am going to write to Michael in a few days. Please let me know whether or not you have written to him yet. Thomas Townsend sends his best respects to all, but particularly to Pat's wife for taking him through the Virginia Reel.

We all send our best wishes to Matt and family. Tell him to send me word how his little boy is getting along. Also Mrs. Doyle and Mrs. Meany and their families. Give my best respects to James Sheehan "Oh them clam chowders."

I think we will soon have to go back to New York again as we can get no such fare in the west. The children all send my mother their best wishes. Tell her she must not worry if Hugh joins that long-tailed family she dreads so much, for he is old enough to take care of himself and she must not meet trouble half way. Tell Dennis I missed the Weis Bun[?] since I came to the West. We have no schooners in this city.

Give my best respects to Thomas Fernan and John Burns and their families, also Mr. Sexton and family. And last though not least Barney, tell him I think he had better come west as we are all great tea drinkers.
Kate sends her best respects to her cousins Delia and Kate Doyle; she expects they will send her their photographs with Miss Sexton's. Give my best respects to Mary for the kindness we received from her during our stay in New York.

I will bring my letter to a close hoping to hear from you soon. I remain your loving brother,
James Coogan

P.S. Thomas would like to hear from Bridget as he expects to change his life soon.

Added on facing page: My Dear Uncle Matthew, I would be pleased to hear from you soon. Please accept the best wishes from your nephew,

Michael Coogan