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Title: Adeline Clarke, Augusta to Eleanor Wallace, Newtownards.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileClarke, Adeline/8
SenderClarke, Adeline
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAugusta, Georgia, USA
DestinationNewtownards, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientWallace, Eleanor
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 1195/3/7: Presented by J. W. Russell & Co., Solicitors, 4 High Street, Newtownards, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.The Public
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Doc. TypeEMG
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TranscriptTo: [Eleanor Wallace?]
[County Down?]

From: Adeline E. Clarke
May 18 1851

Wednesday th [the?] 18 of May 1853

My Beloved Cousin
Although just rising from a Bed of illness
where I have been confined for the last 6 weeks to my bed and
room by this [sic] with a severe attack of Asthma combined
with Pneumonia. Still cannot refrain from dropping you a few
lines by Mr & Mrs Bones who leaves in a few days for their own
native soil. This is the 4 year that I have had an attack of
that dreadful Disease every Spring and I am beginning to feel
that my Health is suffering very seriously from it; the Doct [doctor?]
has been fearing my lungs very much they have been
very much affected indeed with the 2 last attacks, it leaves
me with such a dreadful cough that I do not get the better of
it for several months just to give you some idea what I have
gone through in the last few weeks; I have had 5 Blisters on
me besides Mustard Plasters taken 4 Emiticks [emetics?]; besides
all sorts of Nausious [nauseous?] Doses of all kinds that I
really became perfectly exhausted taking the different
mixtures. I am now suffering with a dreadful pain in my lungs
with a severe cough but in great hopes that as I gain my
strength I will get the better of it Ah My Dear Cousin I truly
sympathize with anyone that is subject to this dreadful
Disease about 4 weeks ago I thought I should never rise from
my Bed again and as I would look at my 4 little girls my very
heart would sink within me as I would think if it pleased God
to take me their last Parent from them what would become of
them, and then I would think of the Blessed Promises in the
Bible given to the Widow and her Fatherless Children and would
feel comforted knowing that he doeth all things well it is
true that there is no one that can supply the place of a
Mother nor no one that is going to put up with the little
faults and Peculiarities of Children like their own Dear
Parent, so her place in my opinion can never be supplied.
Should it be Gods Will to remove me from the little ones
before they have grown all I can do is give them up into his
Hands having strong Faith to believe he will take care of
them. There has been nothing of much importance occured [occurred?]

in my Family since I last wrote you excepting the
Death of my Daughter Fannies Youngest Child Who Died very
suddenly indeed; he was a lovely Babe about 5 months old. her
oldest little Boy is still living, a very fine Child nearly 2
Years old; the only one she has. Her own Health is not good
She had a very severe attack this last Winter and has not been
strong since. John my oldest Son is in Mr Bones's store at
present and Thomas the next is not in any Business Just at
this time he has been in the country the Winter. seeing how he
liked some of the New Settled Places. but has returned and
come to the conclusion that he likes Augusta his own Native
Place better than any of them. My 3 son is still at Princeton
College Robert [sic] and has been there now going 3 years. he
is now 19 years of age; and has to remain there a year and
several months longer. I have never seen him since he first
left, but assure I am getting very impatient to do so. He is a
fine steady Boy, and wishes very much to devote himself to the
Ministry. I wish you could see some of his Letters. they are
Regular Sermons; in fact all of them are of the Same Character
My oldest little Girl Mary Bones has just entered her 14 year.
The next Eleanor Jane is 11. Those two oldest go to School.
The two youngest Sarah Adger and Adeline Samuel I have not yet
sent to School but have been trying to teach them at Home
myself until I was taken Sick Aunt Eliza Moores Family are all
pretty well at present but she has had quite a trying time for
the last 2 months in the illness of her Daughter Fannie, the
oldest of the 2 single ones. who has had an attack of Nervous
Fever. There was for several weeks [sic] her life was
dispaired [despaired?] of. They had a very anxious time indeed
she is now just able to Walk about the House a little and they
have taken her out to Ride two or three times. The Physicians
have every hope now that She will entirely recover. Martha Mrs
Wilkinson that is now has a fine little Daughter near 3 Weeks
old. She lost her first. Mrs Walton the oldest Daughter has a
fine little boy running all about; she calls him John after
her Father. She also lost her first. Henry there [their?]
oldest Son is Married I suppose you know and they also have a
fine Little Boy about 3 months old. Aunt Eliza has 3 other
Sons at Home John who is in Business with his Brother Henry;
James and Richard who go to School. She has a very Promising
Family indeed and they all appear to be very happy within
themselves. [torn] I think the best kind of Happiness Miss
Hannah Longstreet is going along with Mr & Mrs Bones and was
begging me the other day to come along and She would give me
part of her State Room. I told her I would be very glad to do
So if circumstances Would Permit, as I had no doubt in the
World but that it would do my Health a great deal of good I
believe if I could take a considerable change Some Place it
Would benefit my Health considerably. That is if I could go

with my Mind Perfectly easy about my children. Do beg your
Mother to do everything in her Power to keep of the Asthma
for I believe when you have the first attack you Will be
Subject to it afterwards. And now My Dear Cousin I have
written You a Long Letter lying on the sofa which I hope you
will answer for I shall be delighted to hear from you and your
Dear Family. and if we should never meet in this World I trust
we may in That Blessed Home where there will be no more
parting My Sons join me in Kindest Remembrance to you and all
your Family. I Remain Your Affectionate Cousin
Adeline E Clarke

P S you must excuse all mistakes
Blots etc as I did not feel able
to be very Particular
A E C [Adeline E Clarke?]