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Title: Moore, David to Moore, Thomas, 1840
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderMoore, David
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew Jerusalem. N.Brunswick, Canada
DestinationChurchtown, Co. Donegal, N.Ireland
RecipientMoore, Thomas
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count736
Genredecease, family news, timber, property, encourages emigration., greetings
TranscriptNew Jerusalem
June 28th 1840

Dear Brother Thomas,

I received your letter yesterday, which was a great consolation to us to hear from you
all, and that you were all in good health, which is one of the greatest blessings of Providence to the children of men. We have great reason to adore that Divine being who has spared our lives and has given us health and strength, unto this present moment. I am sorry to hear that James oldest daughter has departed this life and I make no doubt but it is a great grief to him, her being called away in the bloom of youth, but I sincerely hope that she was prepared to enter into the joys of her Lord.
We have at present 8 children, never lost any yet. The youngest is about 3 months old,
we call, her Mary Jane. The second youngest is two years old the first day of April last. We call him Robert Thomas. Our oldest boy John came from St. John yesterday and brought your letter along with one from [Nora] Scott. I understand that Robert Darcies came to this country again and was the bearer of these letters. I understand that he is dead and buried since he came to St. John. What sickness he had or what was the occasion of his death, I know not, as I was not in the City this summer myself yet.
I have not seen my brother John since about 12 months ago. I saw him then in St. John.
He was well looking in every respect. He then told me he was going to settle on a farm as soon as he would return back and I expect he has, as I have not heard of him being in St. John since. He has lived most of his time since he came to this country in a place called Salmon River, a great place for getting timber for shipping home to Europe. There are a great many acquaintances there from Malin, who chiefly work at the timber trade.
The part of the country where I have settled is different in some respects from what I
have last mentioned. They do not grow large timber on this land. The timber that grows here
is called hardwood, being of a hard nature, and best for firewood. Therefore this land where
this hardwood grows is best for cultivation and most of the land in this settlement is equally as good as the land about Carndonagh when it is properly cleared and put under cultivation.
There’s one great benefit that the farmer enjoy’s here, that after he has once paid for
his land, it is then a freehold for ever. The freeholder pays no rent, no tithe, no taxes whatever, only a small tax yearly, for the support of the poor of each parish.
You wished me to give you an account of how land sold here, and concerning the
quality, land generally sells here according to the quality [of] improvements and situation
where it lies. A lot of 200 acres with improvements made there on, being in a public settlement, will generally sell for 200 to 300£ and some more. Dear Brother, my chief motive in writing [to] you at this time is to encourage you to come here as soon as possible after you receive this. Perhaps there may be some vessels coming to St. John after your receive this. If there are, settle your affairs with speed, and let not [trials] prevent. I would advise you to marry some prudent and virtuous woman before you leave home, and she will be an advantage to you here. If providence spares you to arrive here safe, [you] will find a friend and brother in me. Remember me to brother Robert and all the family, and though he has forgot me, I have never forgot him. I hope his son David is a fine boy, and growing in knowledge and grace as he grows [in] strength and age. Remember me to to Alexander and family, to Archibald Scott and family. [I] intend writing to Moore Scott the first opportunity after this.
Remember us to Father and Mother and Robert in Collin and may the Lord bless and sanctify
you all, is the sincere wish of your affectionate brother, David Moore.

Written to:
Mr. Thomas Moore
Churchtown near Carndonagh
County Donegal