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Title: Smith, Mary Ann to , 1857
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderSmith, Mary Ann
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginNew Bandon, N.Brunswick, Canada
Recipient Genderunknown
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count458
Genrecorrespondence, family, inquires about family
Transcript(Scribbles in different hand writing and pen appear on the title page)

New Bandon April 18 1857

Dear Cousin

I am responsive for the letter you wrote to my father William Sargent which
he received on the sixth of April and he was very sorry for your trouble But Gods will be done
father & mother are very old and Cannot write and neglected answering your kind letter they
got your pictures and was very glad that you still remembered him Dear cousin father & mother
are Enjoying Good health and are living with his youngest son he a man of nine in family four
boys and five girls Thomas Sargent his oldest son lives next house and had a family of twelve
Children and his Wife died five year ago and is married to a Woman of thirty years of age and
have one child there is two of his boys and one Girl in Miramichi and two dead and the rest is
stopping home and are all in good health my oldest Sister was married and was very rich she
died leaving Five Children two Girls and three boys my youngest sister was married and doing
well she died in Consumtion leaving three boys and one girl he married again and have four
children Dear Cousin I am his only daughter living I enjoy very good health and living close to
father I can see his house from my house I was married and my husband died ten year ago
leaving four children two boys and two girls the youngest boy & Girl died since Eldest girl
seventeen and the boy fifteen years old and are living comfortable I am living in a very pretty
place there is a large stone quarry the next farm to me and the merchant lives there a
Gentleman from boston he have a large store and dwelling house & barn built and had over
three hundred men working for him I have three of my husband’s brothers living one at Each
side of me they have hired men and boss of their own quarry So now Dear Cousin I want you to
give me an account of all my Uncles & Aunts Children and Grandchildren and the names of
them their married to and i will Answer them with the greatest of pleasure Father & Mother Joins with me in sending our love to you all and hopes you will forgive his neglect in not answering your kind and welcome letter and your pictures i prize very much as i have got them and must get one taken to send to you
So now i remain your sincere friend

Mary Ann Smith

Address Mary A Smith
New Bandon
County Gloucester