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Title: Adeline Clarke, Augusta to Eleanor Wallace, Newtownards.
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileClarke, Adeline/9
SenderClarke, Adeline
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationhousewife
Sender Religionunknown
OriginAugusta, Georgia, USA
DestinationNewtownards, Co. Down, N.Ireland
RecipientWallace, Eleanor
Recipient Genderfemale
SourceD 1195/3/6: Presented by J. W. Russell & Co., Solicitors, 4 High Street, Newtownards, Co. Down.
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Doc. No.9112094
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TranscriptTo: [Eleanor Wallace?]
[County Down?]

From: Adeline E. Clarke
May 28 1851

May th [the?]
28 1851

My Dear Cousin
As Mr & Mrs John Bones leaves
in a day for Ireland I hastin [hasten?] to answer your Kind
and affectionate letter of Sept th [the?] 1849 which I
Received from you and which was indeed a source of great
gratification to me for in that Letter you were kind
enough to give me a very particular account of your
own and Uncle James's family; We are all living still
on the Hill; there has been but little change in my
Family since last I wrote you except the Birth of
a little Grandson which my Daughter calls for
her father Samuel Clarke. He is of course a great Pet
with us all; not only because he is the first but also
for his Name; He is a very fine sprightly Child and
now about 7 months old. John My oldest Son is in
Business in Augusta. he goes down every morning
and Returns in the Evening; it is just a pleasant ride
and good exercise for him being only 3 Miles from the
Hill, My Second Son Thomas is With me at Present
and is not engaged in any Business at this time. My
3 [third?] Robert is at School about 80 Miles from Home. He
is thinking of going on to the North this Summer to
Princeton College. My 4 little Girls are with me
Mary and Ellen the 2 oldest go to School and the
2 Youngest remain at home Sarah Adger and Adeline
Samuel the last is the little one who Was Born
5 Months after her Fathers Death and who My Poor
Mother named just a few weeks before her own Death
She said she wished it called for its Father and
myself; for strange to tell this Babe was the 12 [twelfth?]
child; and neither of us had one ever called one of them
after us. She has always been a great Pet with us all
and although she is now 5 years old she is still
called the Baby. She has always been a very delicate
child, but she is beginning now to look much healthier

I have commenced giving her the Shower Bath which I
am in great hopes will bring her out. Aunt Eliza
Moores Family are all Well; Mrs Walton has a fine
little Daughter about 9 months old which she calls
for her Mother Eliza Moore. I suppose you heard of
the Marriage of the oldest Son Henry to a Miss Poullain
of Greensboro; a very fine Girl indeed. Her second
Daughter is also Married to a very fine Man; by the
name of Wilkinson I think Aunt Eliza has
cause to be thankful to the Author of all good
Gifts that her children has made such excellent
and Prudent Matches; for it must be a great comfort
to a Mother to see all her Children happily Married
before she is called upon to part with them. Hannah
Longstreet is well at present; Poor thing she has been
called upon to drink deep of the bitter cup of
affliction; in the Death of her Dear and Beloved
Aunt Adams who had been like a Mother to her
for Years; also her Uncle Doct [Doctor?] Paul Eves Wife; to
whom She was much attached. But she knows to
whom to look for comfort and strength in the
trying hour firmly believing that he will not put
more upon her than She is able to bear. Delightful
thought to think that the hand that afflicts; can
comfort too. You asked me in Your last letter if I was
a Presbyterian. Yes My Dear Cousin Myself Family
and all my connection are real regular full Blooded
Presbyterians and Proud to own it. We have an
Episcopalian Methodist Baptist Catholick [Catholic?] and
Campbellite Church in our City so you see we
are well Provided for in that line. After all it
is not what denomination do you belong to; but
the Simple question, is the Heart Right. Oh you
do not know how schocked [shocked?] I was to hear of my
Dear Uncle James Death. I often take his last
letter out and read over and over again and think
is it Possible I shall never hear another from
Him. Do write me all about them and how
they got along since his Death and about your
own Family all the Particulars. You do not know
how gratifying it is to me to hear from you
And now My Dear Cousin I must thank you Kindly
for the little Breastpin you sent me I could not
describe to you my feelings when I looked upon it
and thought it was My Dear Fathers Hair. I do
indeed Prize it. I must now bid you Farewell
hoping to receive a long letter from you You must
excuse this hurried epistle not knowing Mr Bones
was going to leave quite so soon. My Family

all join me in Kindest Love to your Father
Mother Self and all
I remain Your Affectionate Cousin
Adeline E Clarke