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Title: Seymour, William to Seymour, Susan, 1913
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderSeymour, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationaccountant
Sender Religionunknown
OriginBelfast, N. Ireland
DestinationSt. John, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientSeymour, Susan
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count1005
Genrecorrespondence, emigration, politics, family, visiting / decease
Transcript56 Glen Road
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My Dearest Aunt

I need not tell you what a pleasure it is to me to get such a nice letter from you after so
many years. Indeed dear Aunt I thought you had quite forgotten me, and I have often
wondered whether you were still alive, I now feel delighted that you are, and that it has
pleased God to spare you for so many years to see your great Grand-Children I hope & trust
that you will be spared for many years yet, and I heartily congratulate you on attaining your
80th birthday. It has given my dear ones & myself great pleasure dear Aunt to learn all the news you sent about the welfare of all your family, it is so nice to know that they all are doing well, Perhaps some time Cousin James or Hannah would write to me, you know I would be glad to hear from either of them, I am sure St. John’s must be a good business place. I suppose the
great number of people going to other parts of Canada has something to do with its progress.
Thanks very much, dear Aunt, for saying you would send me some papers I would indeed be
very glad to get one or two, This City of Belfast where we are is a great business place also, ever
since I came to live here – Now 30 years ago, it has increased wonderfully. The Home Rule
question, which no doubt, you have heard about, is doing a deal of harm - & if it becomes law
we fear there will be bad work, for you know the people here don’t want it, and will not have it.
Many people are under the impression that it will lead to Civil War, but we must hope and pray
that it won’t come to that, Well now dear Aunt I must try and tell you a little about ourselves,
so will commence with myself & family. In the first place you will be glad to learn that we are all
well thank God for His many mercies to us. I left the R.I.C. over 6 years ago on pension having
served nearly 34 years, I then got a fairly good job in a large Drapery House here I work in the
office and look after the [accounts], so that my salary – added to my pension keeps us fairly
comfortable, We have a nice house here in the Suburbs with a garden at the back in which we
grow our own vegetables, there is also a small garden in front which makes a nice flower plot.
Our oldest boy Jack is married for the past 4 years, he is living about 3 miles from us at the
other side of the City, but himself and his wife comes to see us often – She is rather delicate but
a nice little body. They have no family. He has got his B.A. degree & is a teacher in the Royal A.
Institution here, so they can live pretty comfortable. Edith is as you know a young woman, 23
yrs last march November, she is a Lady Clerk in a manufacturing office, She says she will write
to Susie soon, You will be rather surprised to know that Kathleen & Willie are still going to
School, Kathleen is just 18 yrs of age; she expects to be able to get teaching in one of the High
Schools after her next Exam, which will be in June, Willie is growing very tall he is going on 17
yrs. We have not yet decided what to put him at; I would like him to choose for himself but
boys do not be in a hurry to make up their minds. I must not forget to thank you dear Aunt for
your kind invitation, but at the present time I don’t see any likelihood of any of us visiting
Canada, much as we would like to see you & all our American Cousins – I don’t suppose dear
Aunt that you ever intend visiting dear Old Ireland but if any of my Cousins or their Children
would think of coming over here, my dear old woman & myself would give them a real Irish welcome. Well dear Aunt, all the dear Old People have passed away some years ago. There is just one still living – Aunt Liz – Uncle Tom’s wife her daughter Belle lives here in Belfast – She is married to a man named Evans – He is a Wholesale Confectioner & is pretty well to do, they have three nice children, another daughter – Lizzie is out in Sask, Canada – she went out there a year ago & got married to her Cousin, Wm Seymour a son of Uncle William’s who went out there about 6 years ago, another daughter Sarah is living in Cork where she keeps a lodging house – the other Susie is a Nurse in Waterford. Cousin Tom is still in Bandon, I just had a letter from him today – His
address is

North Maine Street
Co. Cork. [U.K.]
I am sure dear Aunt he will be glad to hear from you, You will be sorry dear Aunt to learn that
my brother, John died last June, from an attack of Pneumonia My sister Lizzie or Mrs Bernie lives
in Dublin, she has a son in Canada, & a daughter lives with her – Gertie is her name, Well now I
am sure you will be tired trying to read this long scribbled epistle, so I think I may wind up for
this time and perhaps when I hear from you again I may have more news to tell you. My dear
Old Woman & Children join with me in love to you and all our dear Cousins being so Glad to
have heard from you & hoping to hear from you soon again believe me dear Aunt your affect.

W. Seymour.
God bless you all. Bye Bye.