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Title: unidentified Seymour to Seymour, Tom, 1914
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
Senderunidentified Seymour
Sender Gender
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSt. John, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientSeymour, Tom
Recipient Gendermale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count359
GenreBeasley's will
Transcript34 Murray Street
St. John N.B.
May 4th, 1914

Dear Nephew Tom

Over a year ago I sent to William for your Address and from one day to the other I have
been going to write to you and at last I have started. I hope these few lines will find you and
your Family well we are all well here at present the weather here is getting nice now, I suppose
the weather is lovely now in Ireland, the Friends here are still talking of that old Beasley fortune
and some of them were talking to a Lawyer and he said the only thing that could be done would
be to find Joshua Beasley’s Will and he said He could not write a letter to Cork for he would not
know how to Address it properly but he said if we had a friend there that could go to the
redgestar Office at Cork and find out how must it would cost to make a search back to the year
1829 Arthur Connell of Cork City was one of the Executors of J. Beasley’s Will and he told Uncle
William (that would be a brother of your Grandfather) that he was all night at J. Beasley and
that he had Willed ₤42, 000.00 Stg to Grandfather Seymour (that would be your Grandfather’s
Father) but Grandfather was killed April 3 1829 before he had seen any thing about this Will,
and so by this we think that J. Beasley must of died about the same time as Grandfather and
now if we could find Joshua Beasley’s Will we would know for sure just who he Willed his
money too now Dear Tom if you would Please find out for us how must such a search would
cost we would be only to glad to send the money to you and then you could see about the
search, dear Tom would you please answer this letter as soon as possible, when you are in Cork
if you should know any one by the name of Connel you might find out if they would be any
friends of this Arthur Connel