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Title: McGaffigan, Dennis to McLaughlin, John, 1912
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderMcGaffigan, Dennis
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationshop keeper
Sender Religionunknown
OriginFlorenceville, New Brunswick, Canada
RecipientMcLaughlin, John
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
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Word Count1138
Genredecease, correspondence, weather, fire, family, pensions for soldiers, doing well at business
TranscriptFlorenceville NB
[Jany] 24 [1912]

Dear Cousin

We received a letter a few days ago from Neal Kearney telling us of Ellen Mahoneys
death, which was not wholly unexpected as we heard a short time ago she was very sick and
helpless Poor Ellen has had to put up with a good many reverses in her married life Capt
Mahoney was as good hearted a man as ever lived but could go through a Million if he had it as
he had no head on him for business. They Seemed to have pulled away from us Since they left
New Brunswick and we heard very little from them only through Catherine and they very
Seldom wrote her. I have been trying for the last two or three months to write you a letter but
am such a poor correspondent or letter writer that I would about as soon start for New York at
the present time as write but today I am all alone in the store and likely to be as it is one of the
wildest days I ever Seen here We have over two feet of snow and it is blowing Seventy miles an
hour with the thermometor away below Zero so you Can imagine what the day is like and we
have had just Such weather for the last ten days or more –
Well, John we had a Great many changes in this place Since you were here – through
fire first the Hotel and out buildings across the Street from our place was burned down and
Came very near taking our House and Store – next Uncle Charleys dwelling House barn and
buildings up on the hill were burned and I dont remember if I wrote you last August about the
big fire that almost wiped out the Village it started in John Kearneys store at 6 oclock in the
Evening and burned twenty two buildings on our Side of the road and came within one building
of our dwelling house then the Wind Shifted and blew from us We had pretty much Everything
in the House and Store mooved out the poor people below us lost everything they had what
they got out was all burned on the road Side John Kearney lost all he had Store Stocks and
Everything that his Father worked a lifetime to accumulate is all gone and he is living in a Small
rented house about two miles from here doing nothing and Seems to have no ambition to do
Anything – his brother Leo – is working for a Machinery Concern on the road Selling farming
implements to the Farmers is married lives in Woodstock and is doing well – John Bohan that
was married to Ella Kearney is well and doing well he keeps Ellas three Children at the Convent
and they are growing up to be Smart and intelligent – Catherine is only fairly well suffers a good
deal with Rheumatic pains her husband is very feeble and almost a Cripple with Rheumatism
they live about Six miles above here and some of the folks are there about Every week or So –
we are still in the same old place and likely to be for some time as the fires hurt the Village so
very much it is impossible for us to sell out We have been trying for the last year to dispose of
our Store, House, Stock Land &c – with the intention of moving to Florida – I have a nice farm
and some building Lots in place called St. Cloud Florida which is growing very fast and getting
valuable, but as we cannot get a purchaser here we have made up our minds to let the Stock of
goods on hand run out by degrees and order no more – this looks to be a slow way but our time
now is our own and we are trying to Enjoy a little of life and open and close the store just when
we like – by the Change of Government last November we lost the post office which releaves us
of a lot of Extra work and has given Katie a chance of once more going to School it has been her
Ambition for years to Study Elocutions and she is now up in Boston at The Curry School of
Expressions and is very much taken with the work we miss her a great deal as She was the life of the House but the time wont be long slipping by until She is home again on her holidays –
Mamie and I and a little boy attend the Store and Mary Ann the Girl we had when you were
here takes Charge of the House. My wife has been troubled a good deal with Neuralgia and
Rheumatism for over a year and goes out very little. She generally gets over to the Store every
day after dinner and Sits in the Office most of her time as she feels more at home in the Store
talking to old friends than Sitting in the House. She has been talking a good deal about you
lately and Says she would give anything to See you and have you here once more – I have a very
nice pair of horses and we take a drive out fine days to see old neighbours and put in the time
the best we can – Still we begin to realize that we are both growing old – (and that puts me in
mind of it – the US Government or Senate are going to pass an Age pension this month. giving all old soldiers a new pension according to Age and as I do not know my Age – I want you when
you answer this letter to let me know Just how old I am) – and on account of our Age we would
like to dispose of Everything we have here and wind up our business Entirely so as to leave as
little as possible for Mamie and Katie to look after – but its a long difficult and hard matter for
us to wind up – We have been in business over fifty years and have been pretty successful so
have a large amount Secured and [unsecured] in the Country also a large Stock in the Store to
get rid of which will take time and we must be content and wait – I [was] in St John last fall on a
Short visit and met Jimmy in his office. he looks very thin and old looking. heard a few days ago
that he was in Richmond Virginia and seems to Enjoy life more in Travelling than any other way
– All hand join me in wishing to be kindly remembered to yourself wife Neally and all the Girls
and hoping to hear from you Soon I am

Your fond Cousin