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Title: McIntosh, James & Jane to MacKintosh, Margaret, 1851
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderMcIntosh, James & Jane
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationlinen traders
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKilkeel, Co. Down, Ireland
DestinationSt. John, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientMacKintosh, Margaret
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count924
Genrecorrespondence, decease, crops
TranscriptKilkeel June 12th 1851

Dear daughter you may think us very [ungratful] for not answering your very sorrowful
letter before this But the reason was we sent it to Mrs Harrison Liverpool the next day thinking to get some word about Nicholas before we would write. We received yours 14th may and only got Mrs Harrison this [damage] opened and delayed in some post office as it was [open] large with a full sheet about it. But I put only ½ a sheet on mine She went to his lodging house and saw a young man their that saw N round the ho[cut] and would be home in a month or two from that time. My Dear Daughter when the letterman came in that morning we were in great Joy to Jas stopped reading and we knew their was something grievous in it and Jimy said he might as well tell it which to her grief she found it to be the death of her beloved son John that cost her the loss of many a stormy nights sleep. When the news went out through the town and especially amongst the old neighbours the house was like a wakehouse for three days but one of Arthur Staffords family never came into the door nor asked a word about him and we know no reason as them and we were always in good friendship Dear Daughter we can never agree or Know how the accident happened whether it was before the nets was shot or after or whether it was
the claws of the instrument that took him or whether he was taken to the ground or if he might
have been Killed or if taken to the ground or did the old man hawl it im-mediately or not
perhaps he was confused But one is sure that he is lost to both you and us. Now Dear Daughter
I hope youl not think we are casting any reflection on the old man or anything else for we are
sure the case was as grievous to him as his own son And although it is grievous to you and your
fathers family and [ourselves] likewise we have reason also to be thankful as before this
happened that he had you and your Fathers family to look after him both alive and dead. And
we hope that you will give our unfeigned thanks to any or all who lent a hand to look for him as
our prayers are that them or any belonging to them may never happen a sudden death. about
the time John died Archibalds 2 children died which was the first trouble happened us this 34
years since married but since that we have got our part of trouble last Saturday Harry McBrides
wife Lydia got a stroke about eleven oclock scarcely spoke to 3 that evening when she died so
their has been great trouble since that Archys son took his death the day I wrote a long letter to
John that I wish I had not wrote. But I hope there is nothing in it that you or your Fathers family
can or will be offended at for if anything it was not my intention to offend you in any way. I
wish Dear Daughter we could see you that we would have a sorrowful conversation tho a very
loving and parental one for we pity you in losing your young husband and your Fathers family as
we are fully aware they loved our son John The reason I wrote that letter was for his
instructions that he has entered into a married life and how he should use his wife Now Dear
Daughter I hope you wont be like the rest of our friends that we have in America that youl not
forget to write at every opportunity for you are all that we expect any communication from as
the rest send none. But if John had come to Liverpool or Warrenpoint and came to see us we
would be far more composed but since I his Father never had the pleasure of seeing him since
we parted at Warrenpoint I hope we shall meet where parting is no more I sent a few lines with
Samuel Reid about Archy’s children Wm McBrides wife died about the time Saml Sailed in the
same complaint. I hope and I am sure Jas Reid if he was convenient he was looking after John
our boys always thinks of being in St John yet and if so they will be glad to see you They are all
obedient good boys but none was so Quick if anything was the matter with his mother he was
the first out of bed. I have no more to say but times is very flat but every thing cheap and the
crops looks very well and no bad accounts of the Potatoes as yet the Moravian Minister is
digging this 2 weeks and none of them bad
So We have no more to say but we all Join in sending our love to your Fathers family at
large and remains you ever affectionate
Father Mother Sisters Brothers
James and Jane Macintosh
Dear Margaret I would have paid this but I paid many of them to John and he never got one of
them he told his mother in Liverpool he never got a paid letter out of I suppose 20 altho his
[alwese] came
Widow Margaret MacKintosh
Care Samuel McCaver tailor
Portland, St. John, N.B.