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Title: McIntosh, James & Jane to MacKintosh, Margaret, 1858
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderMcIntosh, James & Jane
Sender Gendermale-female
Sender Occupationlinen traders
Sender Religionunknown
OriginKilkeel, Co. Down, Ireland
DestinationSt. John, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientMacKintosh, Margaret
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count763
Genrecorrespondence, receipt of a chest, illness, decease, Margaret's house burnt down, friends, local economy
TranscriptKilkeel November 11th 1858

Dear Margaret we recd your very kind letter to let us know about the chest that was
bringing Henrys effects home to us And of you being all at that time in good health and we have reason to be thankful for has found us all in the same But no doubt you have reason to think that we were not going to answer your letter or that something has befallen the ship but thank God she arrived safe and when 35 days were up I went to Liverpool the morning after her arrival altho James had wrote to Rankin and Co and he had told the bearer he would write when She would arrive and his letter and I were both on our passage [to get it] at the one time and James received it on Monday when I was in Liverpool with the Captain Murray I found him in the sailors home paying off his men and showed him your letter and he told me to be at the ship in the evening and I should get all things as he got them and so I did without one farthing of charge nor he would not take so much as one glass of any kind of drink his old Mother was with him and she cried when heard the way that the things were coming Dear Margaret a day or two after I came home I wrote a letter and the little boy being ill he got so bad that I did not send it to see whether he would die or not and before he got better Mary took ill and we thought nothing but they would both die but Thanks God they are both getting better There is a great many dieing in this place at this time, but especially young and some aged people Bettyanne had it but did not put her off her work a Wm Martin and his wife Killroney both died and left 7 Children It is called Scarletteena the disorder is all in the throat The boy I said was is a son of Henry’s that lives with us since Henry went to America his name is Henry and he has another James lives with his mother she is Jane Nugent this boy is about 8 years and the other between 6 and 7 Dear Margaret Jane Bunk came here to let us know about a letter she got from Samuel Reids girls of their Mothers death and also about your house being burned which we have very great reason to be sorry for if it was nothing but the trouble you had with Henry and never talk of any other connection we had But Dear Margaret I cannot find find words to express my thanks to Saml and the rest of the McCavers for their Kindness and the trouble they gave themselves at all times in sickness in death and in sending Henry’s things to us Dear Margaret when The chest and Clothes came home and was a unpacking every thing was a new burst and when He came to your photograph or likeness it was over all We are sorry about your
house being burned but we hope you have got another one I wish you would write and let us
know how it happened and how you are fixed in a house give our best respects to your Father and Mother to Samuel and all the McCavers in St John let Sam know that the Material that the watch was packed was another burst of tears give our respects to Mr Talant and I hope him and Capt Murry [Samuel] you and yours may prosper in this world and attain Everlasting Joy hereafter I have little more to say but I see Arthur McCavens Mother nearly every day victualing is pretty cheap here their has been a very fine crop this season their is a good many bad potatoes but after all there is a fine crop the herring done but [late] this season their was but one night here of them I got 15 [maze] and none had less than 5 [maze] from that to 23 but the North east and easterly Storm came on and sent them all down next howth and Clogher Dear Margaret when you write Please let us know if their was any Of Pissorinco People at Henry’s burial And who the were No more at present but remains your ever affectionate

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James & Jane MacKintosh