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Title: McMaster, William to his parents, 1853
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderMcMaster, William
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationwood chopper/digger
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSydney, Australia
Recipienthis parents
Recipient Gendermale-female
Doc. No.
Partial Date
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Word Count590
Genrearrival, escaping and hiding in 'the bush', finding work, prospects
TranscriptThis letter was from uncle William McMaster in Australia he was never heard tell of again he
was mothers Brother his home was In Ireland Thos H Galbraith

Sydney December 8 1853

Dear Father and Mother i take the first opertunity since i arrived in Sydney to write Those
few line to you to let you know That i am in good health as this leaves me At present thank God
for his Kind mercies To me hoping to find you all in the same Dear perents i had a great deal of
Deficulty geting away From the ship but thank God i Got clear of her the captain proffered ten
pounds reward for us But we mead our escape in the Bush the were Eight constables after us
and came on us / and the were Three of us to Gether and the constables told us the Would tak
us to Sydney and put us aboard of the Ship but we sead that the wer not fit to take us through
the were twice the [compliment] so the [comensed] to Take hold of us so we [conceeded] after
a Struggle We managed to Get away from the so we loged in the Bush that night so the next
day we traveled Twelve miles and got work chopping wood that was a Job that we were not
used to But in this country a man must turn his hand To anything that offers first Dear father
and Mother i am working ashore in Sydney now But i don’t intend to stop in Sydney long after
Christmas i am going to melbourne and then going up to the Diging. Dear parents this is a find
[country] and i leck very well the are from ten to twelve pounds per month for seamen and if
you Don’t leck to go to sea you can get plenty work ashore the are from Ten to Twelve shillings
per day For working ashore in Sydney but the Board is very high the Board is on pound a week
But the wages is Better in melbourne the Diggins is very Good as yet so i [intend] to try my luck
at them But a person wants a little money to cary him him up for it is a good distance to them
the [nearest] is ninety miles and from that to two hundred Dear parents I have not seen William
[Arnett] yet But the is arrived in melbourne William [Knott] is in a Costing scooner and him and
me is going up to the Digins together Dear parents i shall be Able to send you some money the
next Letter Dear parents Dont fret about me Tho i ame far from you i ame still the same and i
Dont forget you But it Dont be in my power to send anything yet – But Dear parents i shall soon
be able to send you something for i can [Dow] very well in this country any man that Keeps
from Drinking can Do very well in this country I wish James was out here he could do very well
for this is the Best Country i ever was in i wish i had been out two years agow for the Times was
Better a little Back Dear Father and mother let [Ritchard] Rodgers Know that his son [Richard] is
well and him and me is working Together So no more at present

But your Truly William McMaster
When you [Writ] D to John Sparks
Hent Street Sydney