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Title: O'Connor, Charles to O'Connor, Frances, 192-
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderO'Connor, Charles
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlawyer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginManchester, N. Hampshire, USA
DestinationFredericton, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientO'Connor, Frances
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count323
Genrepaying board, furniture, gratitude towards his father for his education
TranscriptFrank dear, when you were here we committed the folly of paying as You say #8 per
week for your board, I know better now. I hope to get a couple of nice rooms for #2.50. I have
enough furniture – the two Springs beds in my conch – a nice little round Mahog. Centre-table
and a nice mahogany Dark Cherry rocker (lady’s) – a desk & bookshelf – a splendid little Perfection
heater and a little brass “curve stove” – that sits on the table if you like & boils a pint of water - in
4 minutes. It has cooked my bkfst & tea since summer, and will boil, toast, fry, or roast as you
like You and I could live well – I have even an oven for it out at the lake in storage there!
Dear you misconstrue altogether my words as to our beloved, kind, faithful devoted,
loving father! No one of you all liked him better than I did! And he never made a better
investment than in the money he spent on my education – Not I, but the records and public
declarations of the teachers showed that I outran all the students there of my generation!
“Since “First of my Division” more than any student in its history” His father neglected him –
but his loving son made it up to him by striving night & day to keep him fit himself for the
position that fell to him – And I could not have done it without the loving cheer of our darling,
wonderful, saintly, mother!
Dear we are the “Children of the Saints” I believe and I ask them & Tildy too to pray for
me. Tildy owes me a lot! and you bet, I reminder her of it every day and, tell her now I believe
she is happy, to remember the hours of help I gave her to prepare her for the convent, where
she became Head of their School!