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Title: John Clarke, Co Fermanagh, to "Dear Brother",[U.S.A.?]
CollectionIrish Emigration Database
FileClarke, John/27
SenderClarke, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationfarmer (tenant)
Sender Religionunknown
OriginCo. Fermanagh, N.Ireland
RecipientClarke, Edward
Recipient Gendermale
SourceT 3661/1A: Deposited by D.R. English
ArchiveThe Public Record Office, N. Ireland.
Doc. No.9510048
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Doc. TypeLET
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TranscriptTo: "Dear Brother" [U.S.A?]
From: John Clarke, Stone Parke, [Stonepark?] [County

Stone Parke December the 14/ 68 [1868?]

Dear Brother, I recivd [received?] your letor [letter?] of the
14 then of november Dear Brother, I never was so much regoist
[rejoiced?] at any thing as when, I herd [heard?] from you to Be
alive and well and that you have a fine family But it grives
[grieves?] me that you could not give me more wourd [word?]
about poor Edward I recivd [received?] aletor [a letter?] from
you about 18 years agow [ago?] and I never got any acount
[Account?] of yous since till [until?] I got this letor
[letter?] But thanks be to god that yous ar [are?] still alive
and well we are all well also Dear Brother I live in my Fathers
house and has the farm he held still the rent is œ10 pounds per
anum [annum?] and the Landlord is Lord Erin of Crum Castle he is
a good man Dear Brother I got Marrd [married?] about thirty 3
years agow [ago?] I supose [suppose?] that Edward told you about
her father and mother we have ten Children all alive and in good
helth [health?] five Bois [Boys?] and five girls the names igive
[I give?] you Patt[Pat?] and James Elisa and an [Ann?] francis
and Luke Elin [Ellen?] John and Catrin [Catherine?] and mary she
is the Eldist [Eldest?]

Dear Brother mary is marid [married?] this ten years and has
five Children her husband name is Patt [Pat?] Murphy he lives
near Knockeniny [Knockninny?] rock and has a good farm my Sun
[Son?] PaTT [Pat?] went to that Contry [Country?] about twoo
[two?] years and and nine months agow [ago?] and he paid his
Sister Ans [Ann's] pashag [passage?] and She went out ther
[there?] Last may the [they?] stop in williamburoug [Willsboro?]
near new york ther [Their?] adress [address?] i will give you
and I will give yours to them I herd [heard?] from them on
yesterday the [they?] ar [are?] well Dear Brother this was a
poor Country this twenty 22 years the potatoes [Potatoes?] was
Blighted that year in the month of July and Every year since the
Crop was Litte [Little?] worth for the Wrot [rot?] in the ground
this was the best summer and harvest that I ever seen we have a
plentifull [plentiful?] Crop of potatos [potatoes] this year
thankes [thanks?] be to god the paple [people?] of this Country
Sufered [Suffered?] Sore By the loss of crop and fuel some years
agow [ago?] But we have Plenty of Both this year and it was much
wanted for the paple [people?] of this Country was fare [fair?]
run down for the want of Crop

Brother Kerns and wife is Ded [Dead?] this long time he had two
sons Petor [Peter?] and Patt [Pat?] th [the?] one Lives in the
plase [place?] that he Livd [Lived?] and the other on the farm
that the willsons [wilsons?] held in graghmore [Greaghmore?] the
[they?] are Both mard [married?] and has larg [large?] familys
[families?] your Cosen [cousin?] Patt mckenas [Pat McKenna?] is
well and was glad to hear from you But ned is Ded [Dead?] this
two months there is a grate [great?] Dale [Deal?] of Change is
in this Contry [Country?] since you Left it and it was not for
the Betor [Better?] But the paple [people?] is in hopes th
[the?] times will mend againe [again?] in short the Cow Cattle
is a very good prise [price?] hear [here?] the first weiate
[weight?] of them sells from 14œ pound to ten and from that Dow
[Down?] to five Butter per pound 13 D pence Oates [Oats?] per
stone 12 D pence potatos three pence per stone Endamale [Indiam
Meal?] ten shillings per cut flower [flour?] 2.4 D per stone
poarke [pork?] per hundred 2œ 15 D the young pigs is very Dear
hear [here?] the [there?] are Cares hear [here?] the paple
[people?] had no food to feed them the Last year the paple
[people?] was very hard up Luke Lives near me But I need not say
any thing about him as he is about to write to you himself in a
few Days write as soon as you get this
I will send you a nuespaper [newspaper?] in short time

Dear Brother I will say no more about this Contry [Country?] I
hope that you will write to me as soon as you get this letor
[letter?] and Let me know how you are Dooing [Doing?] and what
soart [sort?] of Land you have got and what Sort of Crops you
Can grow on it and how you Liv [Live?] and let me now [know?]
the sort of stock you have there I hope that you will make Every
inquiry about Brother Edward and find him out if you can and let
me now [know?] if you know anything about Dan Waters or Patt
[Pat?] Casidy [Cassidy?] or if you ever seen any of Petors
[Peters?] Children Let me know what you think about that part of
the Contry [Country?] is a very Disagrable [Disagreeable?] place
to Live in on aCout [Account?] of the Climent [Climate?] of the
wether [weather?] and the waore taxis [war taxes?] has made it
worse than it was some time agow [ago?] Let me know if ther
[there?] is any Chapple [Chapel?] near you or priste [priest?]
in that plase [place?] Let me now [know?] what Land Jame
[James?] Winters was rred [reared?] in or his paple [people?] in
this Contry [Country?] and Cafry [Caffrey?] the same So no more
at present god bless yous all
John Clarke
I will send you a news paper in short
fail not But write as sonies [soon as?] you you [sic] get this