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Title: Jackson, John to Hughes, Laurence, 1851
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderJackson, John
Sender Gendermale
Sender Occupationlabourer
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSt. Louis, Minnesota, USA
DestinationFredericton, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientHughes, Laurence
Recipient Gendermale
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Partial Date
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Word Count824
Genrelife in the colony, encourages emigration, family, local economy
TranscriptSaint lewes november the 17 1851

My dear Mr Hughs I lifte up my pen to Adress you once More My Health is good At
present thank god for all His Kindness to me and ihope your family’s in the like good Health My dear Mr and Mrs Hughs Hughs I have been in Minesota those lastes 4 Months and it is the most Helthy place in america and is a fine soil we do Expect that there will be fine lead and coal mines to be got in it and if so your soal Happiness would be to came to this country the treaty is to be ratified in the sitting congress so that the are comeing from all partes of america to live Hear the are comeing from new yorke and Stopping in St Paul to make Cleams in the Spring there are 175 of us in already Ande we sente out 5 men to form alocation in the beste part of the country and near the river to Have the beste chance the done so and returnte and brought as [pacement] of lead and coal with them the formed the diferent locations but Could not Clear the trees till the treaty is ratifide by congress the put down stakes so that when the news comes they will Have nothing to do but go over the river and make their Cleams good This land was bought from the Indians in summer by the government some thousands if acres and if fortune gives me the chance of agood lot and you to fancy it you would Have it in welcome. My dear sir iwould say twise as much to encourage you to come to this country but for fear of some thing Happens your family in your journey and if there would any thing Happen iwould Never forgive myself the journey is long but mind me this country is worth a coming to as for my parte if ihad such afamily as you this would be the country iwould Settle them in for there is 2 fine cathalick churches built in St Pauls and the are ready to build another beyond the river when the Have
the chance if you see the boston pilot you would see some good letters written by some of the clergy there wishing all to take the opertunity and not to let other people by the land at one dollar and a quarter and be selling it to them at 6 dollars in one year or to My dear sir judge for your self if you come com as soon as you can and answer my letter as soon as you can for it will renew my spirits when ireed your letter but you may guess what will follow icame to St lewes the day before iwrote this letter down from St pauls iwas treading on the river awhile in Sumer and gave 278 bushels of oats to a man on credit and never paid me one sente the oats was 38 sents per bushes He went to new york it is said then ifell to work at 20 dollars per month and [dear friends] for the laste 3 months [blotted out]
My dear friends you will let me know if you Have any of your daughter called after Sera
A name dear to my Hearte let me know if you got any letters from ireland of leat the last letter that i got they were all well and little margaret wishes to come to me but my But my Heart beats with terror to think if she would Happen any disaster on sea iye would never never forgive my [self] and Her mother would bleam me also iye thought to went over this [fawl] but could not from my disappointemente of money the day that iwrote My letter iwas speaking to Michal Meguire and He and His fameley is all well and Had an increas in Her family My dear Mr Hughs if you think of coming to Minesota come in good courage for Hear there is no [Eagy] nor fever nor never was Cholera known in St pauls this country grows good potatoes and oats but the never [tride] corn or wheat yet potatoes is 50 sents per busle oats 37 sents per bushel beef 8 to 7 sents per ble butter 15 sents porke 7 sents eggs [11] per dozen wages 19 to 20 dollars per month and afine country but we do expect that all will be lower next season when you write Direct your letter to Mr John Lunny Franklin avenue St lewes State of Misurey for John Jackson you will answer My letter by return of poste nomore at present from your loving friend till death

John Jackson

To Mr laren Hughes
British america
[upside down] To Mr larens Hughes
[along side] Mr Jackson
Mr Jackson
Lawrence Hughes
The 16th April 1852