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Title: Robinson, Nina to Inch, Edna, c.1880s
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderRobinson, Nina
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSt. John, N.Brunswick, Canada
RecipientInch, Edna
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
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Word Count437
Genrebird culture
TranscriptMiss Edna Inch

Dear Little Girlie

Your father told us you was not successful in your bird culture. Well it is hard to tell just what is the matter so far away, & besides I have been no more successful myself, one bird laid & sat on four e[ggs] & another on two the[damage] four brought [any more damage] birds in eggs, came as [damage] about four, or six days [after] she began to sit, The nest is too deep to & so allows the air to get between the eggs & the body of the bird & a cold night [coming] killed all the eggs The other hatched one bird, & the other egg contained a full grown one, but it was too weak to get out of its shell & so died, just as young goslings sometimes do, cause, probably too cold weather. So you see it is some trouble to bring up birds as will as children, & [o]ther troublesome young things [-irst] then you must see [damage]your nest is not too deep [damage] so shaped that the bird [c]annot set down [close] on the eggs, your mothers judgement will be best about that Next If you have put in the cage, things for the bird to build with & she not being a tidy housewife has left them loose in the nest that will not do as she will break the eggs getting in, & out, & the eggs will not get properly heated because the things get between them & their mother
If such is the case take every thing out of the nest & cage that she can carry [damage] one bird in [damage] a good nest in cages [damage] has to be done for them [damage] had a bird break an egg
I forgot to say that the one bird hatched was dead. The old ones starved it when it was two weeks old they have to find them four but the mother took a notion in her head that it would be as easy to bring up four as five babies togeather as one alone so she would treat that to a step childs cold neglect to lay more eggs & bring up a numerous family at once so she stopped her doing it [damage] when father bird brought [damage] took it all her [damage] & the ugly little thing cried [damage] a day & when I tried to feed it, it was too shy to take it out of my fingers so he died Good our mother did not treat us so Love to all yours

Miss Robinson