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Title: Sullivan, Ann to her mother, 1854
CollectionNew Brunswick Letters
SenderSullivan, Ann
Sender Genderfemale
Sender Occupationunknown
Sender Religionunknown
OriginSt. John, N.Brunswick, Canada
DestinationBartibog, N.Brunswick, Canada
Recipienther mother
Recipient Genderfemale
Doc. No.
Partial Date
Doc. Type
Word Count409
Genreillness, cholera, family, greetings
TranscriptSt John September the 10th 1854

Dear mother

I take the oportunity In writing you those few lines hoping that they will find you
and your family in as good state of health as we are at present thank god for it Dear Mother
dont blame me for not having written to you be fore Now but I had been sick for Afornit in
Portland I had to doctors and the preist withe me we left portland the first of August we are
living in Aclean healthy part of the city now about Amonth ago both of us had Aturn of the
sickness but thank God we are better now the Colera was very bad in this city but thank god I
hope it is over now dear mother I am very uneasy About you I do be every Night dreaming of
you and michael and James and and Margaret I feel very lone some I was very glad when I
heard that michael went home it is ellen royal that told me Sheys sister told her Shey left here
in the first of the sickness ellen stopped with hs sister after her husband going Away from her
She came to me and told me that he turned her out her self and her baby stopped with me
Anight ned corcoran went to [railbed twelve] and we had our minds settled to go home to and
his brother was here working and liked the place very well so he said for us to go home and that
he would go to fredericton and I would not got home when he would not go home I dont now
yet but wat we might go to miramichi this fall yet times to look pretty well again he was saying
to me if I would like to go home and go down the river to his fathers place that I would get my
[health] beter there than I do here write to me as soon as you get this letter how you all are I
wrd I wrote to Mary carroll and to Ann Wallace and got No answer rember me to uncle John
and family and To [M] carroll and family. Mary and Jane and cathorine and to all my friends
whom they are to numerous to mention No more at present but I remain She your affectionate daughter Mrs Sullivan direct our letter to John Sullivan black smith St John